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Daniel Dorff (March 7, 1956) is an American composer.

Biography and career[edit]

Dorff graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University and earned his master's degree in composition from the University of Pennsylvania, studying composition with George Crumb, George Rochberg, Karel Husa, Henry Brant, Ralph Shapey, Elie Siegmeister, and Richard Wernick.[1] Dorff served from 1996 through 2015 as composer-in-residence for Symphony in C[2] (formerly The Haddonfield Symphony[3]) in Camden, New Jersey (USA). His works have been commissioned by such ensembles as the Philadelphia Orchestra and Minnesota Orchestra, and performed by groups and individuals including the Baltimore Symphony, Eastman Wind Ensemble, flutists and clarinetists of the Chicago Symphony and Berlin Philharmonic, pianist Marc-André Hamelin, and flutists Jean-Pierre Rampal, Mimi Stillman, and Denis Bouriakov. He has also created arrangements for Sir James Galway[4] and pop musicians Keith Emerson[5] and Lisa Loeb.

Dorff has written many frequently-performed recital works for woodwinds, and music for orchestra, concert band, piano, chorus, and chamber ensembles, including often-neglected instruments as contrabassoon, piccolo, and tenor saxophone, the best-known of which are Sonatine de Giverny and Flash!, both for piccolo and piano. He has taken a particular interest in exposing young people to classical music; many of his works are written for young audiences, including Three Fun Fables, a setting for narrator and orchestra of familiar Aesop tales; Billy and the Carnival, a narrated guide to the instruments of the orchestra; Blast Off!, a travelog of a trip to outer space (the score to which was flown by NASA on the 100th mission of the Space Shuttle); and familiar stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, and The Tortoise and the Hare,[6] and Stone Soup: An Operatic Fable in One Delicious Act which has enjoyed well over 1000 performances.

In addition to his compositional career, Dorff is a clarinetist and saxophonist and was bass clarinetist for the Haddonfield Symphony for 20 years prior to Alan Gilbert appointing him composer-in-residence. He frequently lectures on music engraving and notation, a subject in which he is expert. Dorff is currently vice president of publishing for music publisher Theodore Presser Company; his input has also been sought in the development of leading music notation software.

Selected chamber music[7][edit]

  • 9 Walks Down 7th Avenue for flute and piano
  • Allegro Volante for xylophone and piano
  • Philly Rhapsody for orchestra
  • Andante con Variazioni for flute and clarinet
  • April Whirlwind for flute and piano
  • August Idyll for solo flute
  • Cape May Breezes for wind quintet
  • Dance Music for Mr. Mouse for Eb clarinet and piano
  • Dark Romance for clarinet quartet
  • Deep Funk, Part 2, Dance Sonata for solo viola
  • Desert Dusk for alto flute and cello
  • Fanfare and Hustle for brass quintet
  • Fantasy, Scherzo and Nocturne for saxophone quartet
  • Fast Walk for saxophone quartet or clarinet quartet or bassoon quartet
  • Fireworks for flute orchestra
  • Flash! for piccolo and piano
  • Flower of St. Francis, five scenes for solo bass clarinet
  • Folk Song Suite for two flutes
  • For Elise for flute and piano
  • In a Deep Funk dance set for solo contrabassoon (or bass clarinet)
  • It Takes Four to Tango for sax quartet or clarinet quartet (or many other instrumentations)
  • Pastorale (Souvenirs du Frög) for clarinet and piano
  • Perennials for flute, clarinet, and piano
  • Romanza on a theme of Rochberg for solo piano
  • Serenade for Flute and Harp
  • Serenade to Eve, After Rodin for flute and guitar
  • Sonata (Three Lakes) for flute and piano
  • Sonatina d'Amore for two contrabassoons
  • Sonatine de Giverny for piccolo and piano
  • Spark for solo viola
  • The Day Things Went Wrong at the Pet Store - 11 Cartoons for Piano
  • The Flowers of St. Francis for solo bass clarinet
  • Three Dance Etudes for marimba duo or ensemble
  • The Seven Chakras for tenor saxophone and piano
  • The Three Little Pigs for narrator, violin, and cello
  • Three Romances for flute and clarinet
  • The Year of the Rabbit for flute quartet or ensemble
  • Through a Misty Arch for flute ensemble
  • Trees (after the poem by Joyce Kilmer) for solo flute with narration
  • Tweet for solo piccolo
  • The Seven Chakras for tenor saxophone and piano
  • Two Cats for flute and clarinet
  • Zoe & Xena for piccolo and bass clarinet

Selected orchestral music[8][edit]

  • Allegro Volante for xylophone and orchestra (or band)
  • Billy and the Carnival: A Children's Guide to Musical Instruments for narrator and orchestra
  • Blast Off! for narrator and orchestra
  • Concerto for Contrabassoon with clarinet, horn, and strings
  • Flash! for piccolo and orchestra
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears for narrator with orchestra or mixed octet
  • Pachelbel's Christmas (A Merry Melange) for orchestra
  • Philly Rhapsody for orchestra
  • Stone Soup: An Operatic Fable in One Act, an opera for young audiences with soloists, mixed choir, and accompaniment
  • Summer Solstice Concerto for clarinet and string orchestra
  • Take the Orchestra Out to the Ballgame for narrator and orchestra
  • The Kiss (after a painting by Gustav Klimt) for orchestra
  • Three Fun Fables for narrator and orchestra or mixed octet
  • The Tortoise and the Hare for narrator and orchestra or mixed octet


  • Andante con Variazioni (Albany Records TROY 1404), Leonard Garrison flute, Shannon Scott clarinet[9]
  • April Whirlwind (private label), Angela Massey flute, Vahan Sargsyan piano[10]
  • August Idyll (Cantilena Records 66042-2), Laurel Zucker solo flute[11]
  • August Idyll (private label), Kristen Stoner [12]
  • Billy and the Carnival: A Children’s Guide to the Instruments (Bridge Records 9229), Ukee Washington narrator, Rossen Milanov conducting Symphony in C[13][14]
  • Blast Off (Bridge Records 9229), Ukee Washington narrator, Rossen Milanov conducting Symphony in C[15][16]
  • Dances and Canons (Albany Records TROY 1404), Leonard Garrison flute, Shannon Scott clarinet[17]
  • Fast Walk (Meister Music MM-1016 and MM-1133), Harmo Saxophone Quartet[18]
  • Flash! (90002, distr. Harmonia Mundi), Gudrun Hinze piccolo, Markus Zügehor piano[19]
  • Flash! (private label), Kate Prestia-Schaub piccolo, Martin Kennedy piano[20]
  • Flash! (Numar Un MM 52-16), Nicola Mazzanti piccolo, Ferdinando Mussutto piano [21]
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Bridge Records 92292), Ann Crumb narrator, Rossen Milanov conducting Symphony in C [22][23]
  • It Takes Four to Tango (Farao Classics B108011), Interclarinet Ensemble[24]
  • It Takes Four to Tango (Meister Music MM-1016), Harmo Saxophone Quartet[25]
  • It Takes Four to Tango (Sea Breeze Records SEAB 3059), The Miles Osland Saxophone Quartet[26]
  • 9 Walks Down 7th Avenue (Azica Records 71257), Pamela Youngblood flute, Gabriel Bita piano[27]
  • Nocturne Caprice (private label), Mimi Stillman solo flute[28]
  • Pastorale (Souvenirs du Frög) (Albany Records TROY 1404), Shannon Scott clarinet, Rajung Yang piano [29]
  • Perennials (Albany Records TROY 1404), Leonard Garrison flute, Shannon Scott clarinet, Rajung Yang piano[30][31]
  • Serenade to Eve (after Rodin) (Barking Dog Records), Deborah Harris flute, Mike Coates guitar[32]
  • Serenade to Eve (after Rodin) (private label), Jenny Cline flute, Carlos Cuestas guitar[33]
  • Sonata (Three Lakes) (Centaur Records CRC 3525), Patricia Surman flute, Kostas Chardas piano[34]
  • Sonatina d’Amore (Crystal Records CD 349), Burl Lane and Susan Nigro contrabassoons[35]
  • Sonatine de Giverny (Crystal Records CD 713), Lois Herbine piccolo, Charles Abramovic piano[36]
  • Sonatine de Giverny (Talanton TAL 90002, distr. Harmonia Mundi), Gudrun Hinze piccolo, Markus Zügehor piano[37]
  • The Three Little Pigs (New Focus Recordings FCR108), Auricolae Ensemble[38]
  • Three Fun Fables (Bridge Records 92292), Ann Crumb narrator, Rossen Milanov conducting Symphony in C[39][40]
  • Three Little Waltzes (Albany Records TROY 1404), Leonard Garrison flute, Shannon Scott clarinet[41]
  • Three Romances (Albany Records TROY 1404), Leonard Garrison flute, Shannon Scott clarinet[42]
  • Two Cats (Albany Records TROY 1404), Leonard Garrison flute, Shannon Scott clarinet[43][44]
  • Zoe & Xena: A Romp in the Park (Albany Records TROY 1652), Leonard Garrison piccolo, Shannon Scott bass clarinet[45]


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