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Daniel Dulany Addison (1863–1936) was an American clergyman and writer.

Born in Wheeling, West Virginia to Thomas Grafton and Marie A. E., he graduated from Union College in 1883, then studied at the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was ordained to the priesthood, becoming assistant rector of Christ Church, Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1886. Daniel was married on February 20, 1889 to Julia de Wolf Gibbs (1866– ) an American writer.[1]

A member of many church societies, he gave special attention to conditions in Liberia. He was made a trustee of the College of Monrovia and in 1904 was knighted by the government of Liberia in recognition of his services.


Among his published writings are:

  • Lucy Larcom, Life, Letters, and Diary, (1894)
  • Phillips Brooks, (1894)
  • Life and Times of Edward Bass, First Bishop of Massachusetts, (1897)
  • All Saints Church, Brookline, (1896)
  • The Clergy in American Life and Letters, (1900)
  • The Episcopalians, (1904)

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