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The Hon.
Daniel Feetham
Daniel Feetham.jpg
Daniel Feetham, Leader of the Opposition
HM Opposition Shadow Minister for Justice, Employment, Gaming and Financial services
Assumed office
Preceded by Peter Caruana
Minister for Justice
In office

The Hon. Daniel Anthony Feetham MP (born 26 May 1967) is a Gibraltarian politician, lawyer and Leader of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD).

Political career[edit]

Feetham began as a member of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party, the party his father had helped to found in 1979 and where the latter had served as a member of the legislature from 1984-1996 under the leadership of Joe Bossano. He resigned from the GSLP in 2001 over the refusal by Mr. Bossano to step down as Leader if he lost his third election in a row.[1] He formed the Gibraltar Labour Party which contested the 2003 General Election, where Mr. Feetham obtained the largest number of votes for a leader of a third party since 1984 and his party the largest share of the vote by a third party since 1988 but no seats.[2] The Gibraltar Labour Party has since merged with the Gibraltar Social Democrats.[3]

He obtained a History degree from the University of Reading and a Law degree from the University of Manchester before returning to Gibraltar to practise law. He was a partner of Hassans, the leading Gibraltar law firm. He was one of the pioneers of the now very successful hedge fund industry in Gibraltar and Chairman of the Working Group on reform of funds legislation which led to the introduction of the Experienced Investor Fund regime in 2005. He was a member of the Gibraltar delegation that negotiated a new Constitution with the UK during 2004-2006 and co-ordinated the yes vote campaign in the referendum on the new Constitution in 2006.[4] The new Constitution was adopted in Gibraltar in 2007.

He was elected to parliament as a GSD member in the 2007 elections and served as Gibraltar's first dedicated Minister of Justice for 4 years.[4] In the 2011 general election the GSD was defeated by a very narrow margin but Mr Feetham was elected to Parliament. He is currently shadow minister for justice, employment, gaming and financial services and Leader of the Opposition.[5][6]

On 2 November 2010, Daniel Feetham was stabbed in the back while out walking in Library Street with his children.[7] Police arrested the attacker while the Minister underwent emergency surgery in St. Bernard's Hospital. Despite the serious nature of the attack the Minister survived.[8]


In 2003, he contested the General Election as leader of the Gibraltar Labour Party, who won 8.3% of the popular vote and no seats.

In 2007, he contested the General Election as a candidate for the Gibraltar Social Democrats. He was elected as an MP and as Minister for Justice.

In 2013, he contested the leadership of the GSD after Peter Caruana stood down. He beat his opponent Damon Bossino and was elected GSD Leader and subsequently as Leader of the Opposition.

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