Daniel G. Birmingham

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Daniel G. Birmingham
Born 1968
Occupation Chairman of Putnam County Legislature

Daniel G. Birmingham (born 1968), better known as "Dan Birmingham", was the Chairman of the nine-member County Legislature in Putnam County, New York. He is also an attorney with a Wall Street law firm, practicing in the area of municipal and public finance.

Birmingham received a Juris Doctor from the Catholic University of America in 1995 and a B.A. from the same university in 1990. After graduating from law school, Birmingham was appointed deputy county executive under Robert Bondi from 1994–1998.[1] Prior to being elected to the County Legislature, Birmingham was a two-term member of the Village Board of Trustees of Brewster, New York.

Legislative career[edit]

Birmingham, a Republican, was elected to the first of three terms with the County Legislature in November 2003, succeeding Robert Pozzi who had been elected as Carmel, New York Town Supervisor. Birmingham defeated David Bruen, Putnam's first County Executive, by 143 votes and Southeast Supervisor Lois Zutell who ran on the Conservative Party line (and received 157 votes).[2] Birmingham was re-elected to the County Legislature in November 2006 with 94 percent of the vote, beating Norman Marino.[3]

In January 2006, despite being the most junior member of the County Legislature, Birmingham was unanimously elected as Chairman of the County Legislature. During his tenure as Chairman, Birmingham shepherded through several major pieces of legislation, including designation of Putnam County as a New York State Empire Zone, as well as beginning the recodification and modernization of the County's Ethics Code.

On November 3, 2009 and having no opposition, Birmingham was elected to a third term on the County Legislature with 100% of the vote.

He served as assistant to County Executive Robert Bondi from 1991–1993, then returned to law school.[1]


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