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Daniel Garbade
Daniel Garbade artist.jpg
Known forPainting,Illustration,Art Direction
Notable work
Grave plate for Mikhail Bakunin,Portrait of Nancy Cunard

Daniel Garbade (born 1957 in Zurich) is a Swiss painter,[1] illustrator, art director, property master and publisher. Born in Switzerland, from Swiss-Cuban origins, grandnephew of Adrien Lachenal and great grandchild of Cuban sculptor Fernando Heydrich.

Garbade lived in Spain from 1983 till 2011, when he took residence in his hometown Zurich, to work with Peyer Fine Art. Since 2016 he is back again in Spain, living in Mascaraque Castile- La Mancha.[2]


Garbade is one of Spanish expressionists, who turned to Pop art during the Movida madrileña. His stroke is personal and minimalistic. Writer Alvaro Pombo described his work, using for the first time the term "garbatear".[3] His portraits are melancholic and humorous, they show men in its core; Nobel Prize winner José Saramago described it as follows: "Garbade shows us humanity where it unfolds"[4] His portraits of Nancy Cunard[5][3], King Juan Carlos I, Rodriguez Zapatero, Kofi Annan and Pedro Almodovar are well-known. His image of the naked Pope Benedict XVI attracted attention in 2006 and was removed from his exhibition at the request of the Swiss government.[6]

On behalf of the Dadaists of the Cabaret Voltaire Zurich, he designed the gravestone of Mikhail Bakunin at the Bremgarten cemetery, Berne.

In 1987 he took part in the publication of poems as co-founder of the Magazine Signos


Since 1979, Garbade has worked as a production manager and later as Property master for advertising and feature films at Condor Films, Barney, Tardio & Melsky, Warner Bros, TF1 and The Ladd Company; Including films such as "Five days one summer" by Fred Zinnemann or "Espion leve toi" by Yves Boisset.[7]


An avid fighter for the rights of homosexuals, he worked for the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmfAR) and the Fundación Triángulo [es] in Madrid, where he illustrated texts in various writings such as in Orientaciones.[8] In the exhibition and the book Cosas de casados , he published his drawings on the subject of homosexuality in Art together with David Hockney and Tom of Finland.[9] In the books La loca adventura de vivir, La pequeña muerte and Reload, he treated the subject..

His wedding (2006) was the first same-sex marriage in Mascaraque, Castile- La Mancha, Spain

Garbade created the exhibition and the book Côctel about tolerance in the Convent of San Ildefonso (Toledo) joined by writers like Rafael Alberti, Vicente Molina Foix, José Saramago, Luis Antonio de Villena [es], Jesús Ferrero and Leopoldo Alas. The exhibition was supported by the Vice-President of UNESCO and the Swiss Government.[10]

Due to his Cuban background, he is grandson of Theodore Garbade and cousin of sculptor Juan Esnard Heydrich, Daniel Garbade acted also as photographer in interviews with Cuban Artists and writers, such as Severo Sarduy.(El Pais Semanal)

Garbade has been a source of inspiration for intercultural cooperation between Switzerland and Spain since 1983. He brought the first Swiss gallery to the ARCO Art fair in 1985, exhibiting artists like Pablo Runyan or Jorge Arxe. He co-operated with Werner Bischof and John Armleder at the Museo Reina Sofia, Circulo de Bellas Artes and other galleries in the Swiss weeks of Madrid in 1988. In 2012 he was invited to the exhibitions Hispano-Suizo[11] in Zurich, and in 2014 to Hispano -Suizo Madrid. As curator, he conducted the exhibition Desayuno para Inmigrantes on the immigration of Swiss artists in Spain. In 1989, he helped François Lachenal for the exhibition: du Greco a Goya, a homage to the work of the Museo del Prado saved during the Spanish Civil War in Geneva. His grandfather Paul Lachenal was involved in the saveguard of the paintings as delegate of the International Committee.[12]

Galleries and collections[edit]

  • Museo de la Hermandad,Toledo, Spain
  • Bienal del Tajo, Toledo, Spain
  • Convento of San Ildefonso, Toledo,Spain
  • Caja Rural, Retrospectiva,Toledo, Spain
  • Gallery Quorum, Madrid, Spain
  • Arco (feria de arte) [es], Madrid, Spain
  • Gallery Dionis Bennassar, Madrid, Spain
  • Peyer Fine Art, Zúrich, Switzerland
  • Gallery Ziegler, Zúrich, Switzerland
  • ART Basel,Prints, Galeria Barês, Paris, France
  • Galería Barês, Paris, France
  • Galeria Arthêmes, Burdeos, France
  • Galería Knapp,Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Tossan Tossan, Gallery, New York, USA
  • Gallery Nathan, Zúrich, Switzerland
  • Stephen Floersheimer, Orselina, Switzerland
  • GalleryKin, México
  • Kunstszene Luzern, Switzerland
  • Caja Rural, Toledo, Retrospectiva, Spain
  • Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Spain
  • Kunstsammlung des Bundes, BAK, Switzerland
  • Musee de la ville de Geneve, Switzerland
  • Metro, Madrid, Spain


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