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Daniel Greenstein has played a number of roles in US and UK higher education. He is best known for his work with academic information services that support university-level research, teaching, and learning. In 2012 he was appointed director of Postsecondary Success Strategy at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.[1]


Before joining the Gates Foundation, he was Vice Provost for Academic Planning, Programs, and Coordination at the University of California's Office of the President, where he was responsible for a range of information, publishing, and broadcast services (the California Digital Library, the University of California Press, and UCTV), off-campus instructional programs (e.g. Education Abroad) as well as academic planning and accountability. With Christopher Edley, he led an initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of online instruction in UC’s undergraduate curriculum and, more generally, as a strategy for expanding access to high-quality university education.

Greenstein has served as Director of the California Digital Library (2002-7), of the Digital Library Federation (1999-2002) and was founding director of the Arts and Humanities Data Service and co-director of the Resource Discovery Network, both in the UK. He holds degrees from the Universities of Oxford (DPhil), where he was a member of Corpus Christi College, and Pennsylvania (MA, BA) and began his career as a member of the history faculty at the University of Glasgow.

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