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Dan Gutstein (born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1968) is an American writer who has published two collections of writing, non/fiction (prose, Edge Books, 2010) and Bloodcoal & Honey (poetry, Washington Writers' Publishing House, 2011). His writing has appeared in Ploughshares,[1] Best American Poetry,[2] and storySouth.[3] He has received grants and awards from the Maryland State Arts Council,[citation needed] Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland,[citation needed] Bread Loaf Writer's Conference,[citation needed] and the University of Michigan,[citation needed] where he earned an MFA in creative writing.[citation needed] While he was teaching at George Washington University the web site Rate My Professors named him the 2010-2011 "hottest" professor in America.[4][5][6]


Selected works in anthologies[edit]


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