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Daniel Heath Justice

Daniel Heath Justice is a United States-born Canadian citizen of the Cherokee Nation and a professor of First Nations studies. He is the author of Our Fire Survives the Storm: A Cherokee Literary History (2006) (University of Minnesota Press)[1] His Indigenous fantasy trilogy, The Way of Thorn & Thunder--Kynship (2005), Wyrwood (2006), and Dreyd (2007) was published by Kegedonce Press.[2][3]

As of 2015 he is chair of the First Nations Studies Program and a professor at the University of British Columbia.[4] He has also taught Aboriginal literatures and other English courses at the University of Toronto.

Justice's critical work has often centered on themes of identity, authenticity and decolonisation: this has led to his being associated with literary nationalists such as Craig Womack and Jace Weaver. His work is known for accessible and enjoyable prose that discusses difficult issues in an approachable manner.


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