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Daniel Horvath
Daniel Horvath.jpg
Daniel Horvath San Sebastian Film Festival
Born (1989-01-25) January 25, 1989 (age 29)
Kirovsk, Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Citizenship Russian
Occupation Actor
Years active 2005–present

Daniel Horvath (born January 25, 1989) is an actor of Russian and Hungarian descent who lives in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). He has participated in several films and television series. He speaks distinct languages, including English, Russian, Spanish and Catalan.

Early life[edit]

Daniel Horvath was born in Kirovsk, Murmansk Oblast, Russia. His mother, Valentina Horvath, was born in Budapest, Hungary and his father, Andrey Panchenko, in Russia.[1]

He completed his primary education in Russia until he was 14 years old and moved to boarding school in Malta RBSM Official website of the school where he graduated and began developing his acting qualities. He move to Barcelona (Spain) to enter the ESEI International Business School and after 4 years he had graduated from the Staffordshire University of England in Management and Business Administration


He studied acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Nancy Tuñon and Jordi Olivier in Barcelona. In the year 2014 he moved to Los Angeles (U.S.) and began to work with Larry Moss.

When he was 19 years he worked in the program Takes Zero and to Play of Telecinco with David Muro and shortly after in the series Aída Official website of the series of the same TV channel, the character of Henrik (Swedish boy).[2][3]

In 2010 he participated in La Riera Official website of the series , a series produced by RTV of Catalonia, giving life to the character of Dimitri.[4] He collaborated in 2014 in the feature film Kamikaze [5] directed by Álex Pina.[6]

In 2015 Horvath was invited to the Cannes Film FestivalOfficial website where he presented the short film Washakie y el chico de las manos mojadas [Washakie and the Boy with Wet Hands] directed by Eric Monteagudo and Orió Peñalver playing the lead character of Cowboy Dan.[7][8]

After Cannes in 2015 he participated as an international jury in the FILMETS Badalona Film Festival in Barcelona Official website, together with Isona Passola, president of l'Acadèmia of the Cinema Català.[9]

In 2016 he participates in the Antenna 3 series "Searching Of North" (Buscando el norte) Official website(Looking for the North)[10][11] and in the feature film Amaranth directed by Mark Schoonmaker.[12]



Table ordenable
Year Title Chain Notes
2013 Aída Telecinco 1 episode
2014 La Riera TV3 3 episodes
2016 Buscando el norte
Antenna 3 4 episodes


Table ordenable
Year Title Director Notes
2014 Kamikaze Álex Pina Secondary paper
2015 Washakie and the boy with the wet hands Eric Monteagudo, Orió Peñalver Leading paper
2015 Encounter with To Mirror Germán of Diego Leading paper
2016 Realive Mateo Gil Secondary paper
2016 Savant Javi Araguz Secondary paper
2017 Amaranth Mark Schoonmaker Secondary paper
2017 Framed Marc Martínez Jordán Leading paper


Table ordenable
Year Title Director
2013 The time and Conways J.B.Priestley

Short films[edit]


  • In the nom d'a morta. UAB


  • Magic Powder. ESCAC
  • Unstable. International university of Catalonia
  • GIFT “lover”. UACE


  • The bill calls all doors. ESCAC


  • The Devil's Advocate. paper – Attorney Moises. ESCAC
  • Section 8 – driver. ESCAC
  • Jimmy Karont. ITES


  • Hamlet. Bande To part.


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