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Daniel Isaac Aryeh Cohen (born 1946) is an American mathematician and computer scientist who is now a professor emeritus at Hunter College.[1]

Cohen earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Princeton University in 1967[1][2] and already as an undergraduate published a research paper about Sperner's lemma, which he learned about from Hans Rademacher.[3] He completed his doctorate in 1975 from Harvard University under the joint supervision of Andrew M. Gleason and Gian-Carlo Rota.[4] He was a mathematician at Hunter College in 1981 when the computer science department was founded, and became one of five initial computer science professors there.[5]

Cohen is the author of the textbooks Basic Techniques of Combinatorial Theory (John Wiley & Sons, 1979)[6] and Introduction to Computer Theory (John Wiley & Sons, 1986; 2nd ed., 1996).

An undergraduate award for a graduating senior at Hunter College, the Daniel I.A. Cohen Prize for Academic Excellence in Theoretical Computer Science, was named after Cohen.[7]


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