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Daniel Ichbiah is a French author of several books on musical and technical topics. He has written a biography of Bill Gates which was published in some 15 countries and also a big book about Robots, which appeared in the USA and Germany as well as in France. He has also written biographies of Madonna, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Coldplay and also various French artists.

Books written[edit]

  • Robots: From Science Fiction to Technological Revolution (2005) ISBN 0-8109-5906-2. This reference book covers topics such as robots being portrayed in movies, toy robots, robots made from Lego, and robotic surgery setups.
  • The Making of Microsoft: How Bill Gates and His Team Created the World's Most Successful Software Company (1991) ISBN 1-55958-071-2

In French :

Also videogame guides for Myst, and software guides for Pro Tools, Windows Live Messenger, PHP, Cubase, etc.

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