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Daniel J. Snyder is an American television and film producer whose feature-length documentary, Dreams on Spec, is the first documentary ever to look at Hollywood from the perspective of the much-maligned screenwriter.[1]

Over the past decade, Snyder has served as show runner, director, producer, or writer on more than fifty non-fiction television programs, including the AMC documentary series “Movies that Shook the World,” narrated by Jeff Goldblum, and “Brilliant but Cancelled” a documentary about forgotten television gems for digital arts cable channel Trio.[2] Prior to working in documentaries, Snyder was a producer for the CNN news magazine program, NewsStand, and the Los Angeles Correspondent for Marketplace, public radio’s business program.[3]

Daniel Snyder’s education in media and filmmaking began during high school when he landed a job at Video Archives, the now-famous video store in Manhattan Beach, California, where he worked as a video clerk alongside future filmmakers Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary.[4]


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