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Dan Quirk

Daniel J. Quirk is the owner and CEO of the Quirk Auto, a company which has 15 car dealerships in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.


Quirk was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts.[citation needed] His interest in the automotive world during his childhood prevailed as Quirk bought his first used car dealership in 1973. Four years later, he purchased his first new Chevrolet dealership in Braintree, Massachusetts.[1]

Quirk operates 14 dealerships in Massachusetts and 4 in Manchester, New Hampshire. He also runs several other enterprises that collectively support his automotive business. These include Quincy Auto Auction, Quirk Parts, and local real estate holdings. Throughout his 40 years of business, Quirk has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded with many industry awards and honors. [2] Quirk staffs about 1,200 company employees.[citation needed]

Fore River Shipyard[edit]

One of his most notable properties is the former Quincy Fore River Shipyard. In 2002, Quirk purchased the long abandoned Fore River Shipyard at federal auction. Under his ownership, the Shipyard currently serves as an inventory hub, Quirk Parts warehouse, and a movie studio. The shipyard has been used for hit movies like The Departed, The Company Men, R.I.P.D., The Equalizer and The Finest Hours. [3]


In 2015, Quirk was fined $60,000 to settle charges of funneling $19,500 through his dealership, to make illegal campaign donations to four candidates, including Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch, Quincy City Councilor Brad Croall, Gov. Charlie Baker, and former attorney general candidate Warren Tolman. [4]


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