Daniel Johnston discography

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Daniel Johnston discography
Studio albums17
Live albums4
Compilation albums5
Tribute albums7
Home recorded11

The discography of Daniel Johnston, from Austin, Texas, consists of seventeen studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums, and seven tribute albums.

Studio albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • Live at South by Southwest (Stress Records cassette, 1990)
  • Frankenstein Love (Recorded live in 1992 (Stress Records cassette, 2000)
  • Why Me? recorded live at the Volksbühne in Berlin, June 6, 1999 (Trikont, 2000)
  • Normal recorded live at the Rochester Opera House in Rochester, NH, May 12 2012 (Teen Arena Records, 2013)

MP3s, LPs, EPs and singles[edit]

  • Casper the Friendly Ghost (1988)
  • The River of No Return (1991)
  • Big Big World recorded 1986 (Seminal Twang, UK, 1991)
  • Laurie (Seminal Twang, UK, 1992)
  • Happy Time (1994)
  • Dream Scream (Pickled Egg Records, 1998)
  • Impossible Love (2001)
  • Sinning Is Easy (Pickled Egg Records, 2002)
  • Mountain Top (Rough Trade, 2003)
  • Fish (Sketchbook Records, UK, 2003)
  • Fear Yourself LP Only with Mark Linkous (Coppertree Records UK, Ltd Ed 180g vinyl, 2008)
  • Lost and Found LP Only (Coppertree Records UK, Ltd Ed double 180g vinyl, 2008)
  • Daniel Johnston at Home LIVE recorded live in Waller Texas 1999 (Stephen Tompkins LLC, Digital Download video/mp3 release 2009)

Side projects and collaborations[edit]

  • with Jad Fair: It's Spooky (50 Skidillion Watts, 1989; reissued on Jagjaguwar, 2001)
  • with Yo La Tengo: Speeding Motorcycle single (1990)
  • Danny and the Nightmares (Eternal Yip Eye Music, 1999)
  • with Ron English and Jack Medicine: Hyperjinx Tricycle (Important Records, 2000)
  • with Chris Bultman and Jad Fair as The Lucky Sperms: Somewhat Humorous (Jagjaguwar, 2001)
  • Danny and the Nightmares: Natzi single (2001)
  • with Hyperjinx Tricycle: Long Lost Love single (2002)
  • with Okkervil River: Happy Hearts off the album Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See (Jagjaguwar, 2002)
  • spoken word performance on the track «Love is a fascist invention» on the Alpine Those Myriads album «yr royal jetlag gospel»(Osito Records, 2003)
  • with Hyperjinx Tricycle: Alien Mind Control 3" CD (Important Records, 2003)
  • Danny and the Nightmares: The End Is Near Again (Cool Beans, 2003)
  • with Rule of Thirds: "Rin Tin Soldier" (Eternal Yip Eye Music, 2003)
  • Danny and the Nightmares: Freak Brain (Sympathy Records, 2005)
  • with Jack Medicine: The Electric Ghosts (Important Records, 2006)
  • Danny and the Nightmares: "Red Hot Sex'' appears on the Misc. Music Sampler (Misc. Music, 2007)
  • with Kraig Mc Govern and on a live track recorded in Dublin July 2008
  • with The Swell Season On January 31, 2009, Austin City Limits (previously recorded on September 28, 2008) to perform the song "Life in Vain"
  • with Beam: Beam Me Up! (Hazelwood, 2010)
  • Danny and the Nightmares: The Death of Satan" (Munster Records, 2013)

Compilations and tribute albums[edit]

  • The Lost Recordings (Stress Records, 1983) cassette
  • The Lost Recordings II (Stress Records, 1983) cassette
  • A Texas Trip - contributed two songs (Caroline Records, 1987)
  • Please Don't Feed The Ego (Eternal Yip Eye Music, 1994)
  • Dead Dog's Eyeball by Kathy McCarty (1994)
  • My So-Called Life - contributed "Come See Me Tonight" (1995)
  • Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks - contributed "Unpack Your Adjectives" (1996)
  • The Early Recordings of Daniel Johnston Volume 1 (Dualtone, 2003) - Reissue of Songs of Pain and More Songs of Pain
  • The Sun Shines Down On Me by Gerry Nobody (2003)
  • The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered (Gammon Records, 2004) - Tribute album along with disc of original versions plus one new song
  • White Magic: From The Cassette Archives 1979–1989 (Eternal Yip Eye Music, 2004)
  • I Killed the Monster: 21 Artists Performing the Songs of Daniel Johnston (2006) - Tribute album featuring contributions from Sufjan Stevens, Mike Watt, Jad Fair and Kimya Dawson
  • Apskaft Tribute To Daniel Johnston (The Sound Of Apskaft, 2011) [1]
  • 50minutes (EXERCISE1 Recordings, 2006)
  • Welcome To My World (Eternal Yip Eye Music, 2006)
  • My Yoke Is Heavy: The Songs of Daniel Johnston by Adrian Crowley and James Yorkston (Chemikal Underground, 2013)