Daniel Lerner

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Daniel Lerner
Born Daniel Tom Lerner
(1917-10-30)October 30, 1917
Brooklyn, NY[1]
Died May 1, 1980(1980-05-01) (aged 62)[1]
Occupation Writer, Academic
Language English
Nationality American
Education B.A., New York University
Ph.D., New York University
Notable works The Passing of Traditional Society: Modernizing the Middle East

Daniel Lerner (1917 - 1980)[1] was an American scholar and writer known for his studies on modernization theory. Lerner's study of Balgat Turkey played a critical role in shaping American ideas about the use of mass media and US cultural products to promote economic and social development in post-colonial nations.[citation needed] He, along with Wilbur Schramm and Everett Rogers, were influential in launching the study and practice of media development and development communication.


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