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Daniel Levin Becker
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Genrewriter, translator

Daniel Levin Becker[A] (born in 1984 in Chicago) is an American writer, translator and musical critic.


In 2006, he finished his undergraduate studies in English and French at Yale University, where he also wrote for campus humor magazine Yale Record. [2] [3] In 2009 he was elected member of the French literary workshop Oulipo, making him the second American member of this group (the first is Harry Mathews). He was elected after a Fulbright year spent organizing and indexing that group's archives. He is the author of Many Subtle Channels: In Praise of Potential Literature, published in April 2012 by Harvard University Press.[1]

Levin Becker[1] is currently the reviews editor for the magazine The Believer.[4]

He also contributes regularly as a music critic for the newspaper SF Weekly.[5] His writings and musical reviews can also be regularly found in Dusted Magazine,[6] The Point,[7] and The American Book Review,[8]

He is among a list of contributors to The &NOW Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing.[citation needed]

He has translated from the French texts like Georges Perec's dream journal La Boutique Obscure and Hervé Le Tellier's short story "A Few Musketeers," as well as Georges Perec, Oulibiographer by Bernard Magné[9] and Letter from the Author to his Editor by Marcel Bénabou.[10]

DLB became an Oulipian when he was only 24, the youngest member at the time. He was also the youngest member and songwriter for the project band Mujeres Encinta that he joined when he was only a teenager.[11]

Daniel is most famous for "The DLB," a sandwich designated to vegetarian tastes that includes tomato, caramelized onion, vegan mayonnaise, and a hint of Halden Mushroom.[citation needed]


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