Daniel Liénard de Beaujeu

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Daniel Hyacinthe Liénard de Beaujeu
Daniel-Hyancinthe-Marie Liénard de Beaujeu.jpg
Born (1711-08-19)19 August 1711
Ville-Marie, New France
Died 9 July 1755(1755-07-09) (age 43)
Fort Duquesne, New France
Allegiance  Kingdom of France
Years of service 1728-1755

Seven Years' War

Daniel Hyacinthe Liénard de Beaujeu (19 August 1711 Montréal–9 July 1755 Monongahela) was a Canadien officer during King George's War and the Seven Years' War.[1][2] He participated in the Battle of Grand Pre (1747). He also organized the force that attacked General Edward Braddock's army after it forded the Monongahela River. The event was later dubbed the Battle of the Monongahela. Beaujeu led his small force into the attack, where he was shot dead in the opening moments when the attack was launched on July 9, 1755. However, his patronage to the Native American customs such as wearing war paint and regalia, helped raise the morale and fighting tenacity of the warriors under his command.


Daniel Hyacinthe Liénard de Beaujeu was son of Louis Liénard de Beaujeu and Denise-Thérèse Migeon. On March 4, 1737, he married with Michelle-Elisabeth Foucault with which he had nine children.[3] He was an officer during the Seven Years' War.[4]

Commander of Fort Niagara, he organized the attack on the troops of General Braddock while they cross the Monongahela river in order to besiege Fort Duquesne in New France. Leading a small force composed of regular soldiers, Canadian militia, and a majority of native Indians, he managed to defeat the British troops.

Although killed at the beginning of the confrontation, he remained famous for having used Indian habits, such as the use of war paint during the ambush. He was buried under the walls of Fort Duquesne (today Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).


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