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Daniel Nardicio (born August 8, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio) is an American producer, nightlife impresario, entrepreneur, and co-creator of the social network Dlist.com. In 2004, Time Out NY named him one of the 50 reasons to love New York and 2006 HX Magazine gave him "The Spirit of New York" award. In 2012, The Village Voice named Nardicio "Best Gay Promoter" in its annual "Best of" issue. [1][2][3]

Early life and education[edit]

Nardicio was born on August 8, 1966, into a working class Italian American family. Nardicio's uncle is Danny Nardico, the only boxer to beat Jake Lamotta. [4] In 1990, Nardicio moved to Berlin where he worked as an opera singer and actor in such venues as the Bregenzer Festspiele and Theater des Westens. in 1995, he moved to New York City to become an actor, only changing his mind after temping for a year and realizing: "as an actor you have no control over your career, i felt. I had to have more control over my life, so i went into nightlife." He opened the very successful gay bar The Slide, and eventually went on to work all over Manhattan and Fire Island.

Marketing Director for Playgirl magazine[edit]

In 2008 Nardicio was brought on to Playgirl magazine, where he convinced Levi Johnston, the former fiancé of Bristol Palin (Sarah Palin’s daughter), and father of Bristol's child, into posing.[5]

Europride involvement[edit]

Nardicio was the first American to produce official Europride events at Europride Warsaw in 2010. He brought over transsexual singer Amanda Lepore, Lady Bunny, Whitney Biennial artist Julie Atlas Muz and a party with Boy George djing. The events were disastrous. Nardicio was quoted saying "The homophobia in Poland was palpable- it was absolute chaos".[6]

Personal life[edit]

Nardicio resides in Manhattan with his dog Butterball.[7]


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