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Daniel Ornellas (born May 11, 1972) is a South Africa-born musician and bassist for South African band Tree63.

Ornellas plays guitar and bass guitar, and writes songs. He fronted the band, "Naked Lyric", which included his sister Beshara. Ornellas has recorded with Out of Eden and BarlowGirl and has played in Paul Colman's band on the "All God's Children" tour. He has toured with worship musician, Brenton Brown.

He has played bass for Tenth Avenue North, Gungor, Tim Hughes, Paul Baloche, Vicky Beeching, Matt Maher, One Sonic Society, Don Poythress, Jason Mizelle, BarlowGirl, Out of Eden, Sarah Reeves, Sarah Macintosh, Paul Colman and The Hymnals.

Tree 63 band members[edit]

  • John Ellis – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Darryl Swart – drums
  • Daniel Ornellas – bass

The Worship Republic band members[edit]

  • Ben Showalter – drums
  • Scotty Murray – guitar
  • Daniel Ornellas – bass, lead vocal


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