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Daniel James Palmer is an American novelist. He is the son of the novelist Michael Palmer.[1] He is married with two children and resides in New Hampshire.

Early life and education[edit]

Palmer was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He graduated from Boston University with a political science major and returned to receive his MA in Mass Communication.[1]


Palmer began to pursue writing after the dotcom wave disrupted his previous technology career and led him to begin writing about his thoughts through short stories. He took his previous technology background and incorporated that into the themes of his thriller novels. His first, the techno-thriller Delirious, follows the downfall of an electronic guru, Charlie, whose own GPS invention unravels a murder trail.[2] Like Delirious, Palmer’s subsequent novels attempt to expose and create fear of the hidden dangers of today's popular technology.[1] Palmer has co-written two short stories with his father Michael Palmer, both for International Thriller Writers publications. The first story, "Disfigured", appeared in Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up at Night, edited by James Patterson. His second collaboration, "The Dead Club", was published in the First Thrills Anthology edited by Lee Child. A novel, Trauma, written with his father is to be released on May 12, 2015.


Palmer taught himself to play guitar and performed in the Boston club scene with various bands for several years. Palmer has recorded two albums: Alien Love Songs (2000) and Home Sweet Home (2007), both of which were produced by Don DiLego of Velvet Elk Studios. Palmer's music style is influenced by both Americana and classic rock traditions. Retail clothier J.Crew licensed Palmer's song “Perfect Place to Be” for commercial use.[3]


  • Delirious (2011), ISBN 0-7582-4664-1
  • Helpless (2012)
  • Stolen (2013)
  • Desperate (2014)
  • Constant Fear (2015)
  • Mercy with Michael Palmer (2016)
  • The First Family with Michael Palmer (2018)
  • Saving Meghan (2019)


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