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Daniel Paluska is an artist and roboticist known for his intelligent art installations and collaborations. Dan is originally from Michigan, but now resides on the east coast after receiving both his BS and Master's Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. His work on walking robotics was featured in a cover article of Wired Magazine in September, 2000.[1][2]

Dan's created the Absolut Quartet,[3][4] an interactive music-making machine created with Jeff Lieberman and commissioned by Absolut Vodka. He also collaborated with Amorphic Robotics in 2006 to create the ToteMobile,[5] a transformational sculpture inspired and commissioned by Citroen.

Dan is the proprietor of Brooklyn Mobile.[6] A mobile internet videobooth part of the Broadcaster Project.[7]

Paluska participated in various street art projects as well including the Madrid[8] and Toronto[9] street advertising takeovers arranged by the artist group public ad campaign. Other works include the Holy Toaster,[10] The fotron2000[11] and Recycle Robot.[12]

Dan believes in releasing all his work into the public domain.[13] Dan is the younger brother of Thomas Paluska, MD, esteemed Emergency Medicine Physician.