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Dan Shauger (January 27, 1940 – March 21, 2014) was an American golf instructor who coached many international Tour Players and Long Drive Champions. He was one of only nine golf instructors who met and worked with Mike Austin, the renowned swing expert and world record holder for the longest drive in tournament play.


Shauger met Austin in 1979, and immediately began a golf apprenticeship that lasted 25 years. This was the most amount of time that anyone spent studying under Austin. During this time, Shauger also became a golf instructor, slowly absorbing the intricacies of the swing that allowed Austin to continually achieve long drives.[1] Since then, Shauger has been able to translate into layman terms the medical and scientific terminology of what has become known as the Mike Austin Swing Method.

Shauger's ability to make the description of the Mike Austin Swing Method easy for the average golfer to understand gained him worldwide fame and recognition. As a way to teach more people about this method, Shauger established a series of seminars for golf instructors. Those instructors who learned the Mike Austin Swing Method now teach in various parts of the world, including 9 states in the U.S., 5 in Europe, and 6 in Canada, South America, Asia and New Zealand.[2]


Dan Shauger also wrote two books on the Mike Austin Swing Method, as Austin never wrote any himself. This makes Shauger's books the only printed works that describe the terminology and details of how the swing actually works. The first book was published in 2004 and is titled, How To Kill The Ball;[3] the second book was published in 2006 and is titled, The 21st Century Golf Swing.[4]


Although Shauger succumbed to cancer in March 2014, his dedication to the Mike Austin Swing Method was such that he continued work on several instructional videos as well as teaching students until the cancer prevented him from doing so in December 2013. In his passing, Shauger has left behind a legacy for all golfers to learn and follow.

Major works[edit]

  • How To KILL The Ball (June 1, 2004). Sun Valley: 2 Down press inc. ISBN 0974611417
  • The 21st Century Golf Swing: The Formula for Power and Accuracy Series (August 31, 2006). Sun Valley: 2 Down press inc. ISBN 0974611441


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