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Daniel Shulman (born 2 October 1966) is an American performer; playing bass guitar. Although he has made a significant contribution as a session musician, working with Run-DMC and Meredith Brooks, he is best known for his work with the Scottish-American band Garbage from 1995 until 2002.[1]

Shulman was born in Los Angeles on October 2, 1966. He was also raised in Los Angeles. His brother, Lyor Cohen, is a notable music industry executive. Daniel currently plays with The Dan Band. He learned to play the guitar as a boy, and picked up the bass after that. Although he is left-handed, he plays right-handed, to mimic famous guitar players. Daniel married the love of his life in 2003.

He played bass on many Garbage tracks including songs from their Version 2.0 and Beautifulgarbage albums. The first Garbage song he played bass on was "Trip My Wire," and the only co-writer credit he had with the group was for the 1999 B-side "Get Busy with the Fizzy".[2] He also played bass on "Tell Me Where it Hurts," the lead single of the band's greatest hits album Absolute Garbage.

In 2003, he left the group to work in the A & R department at Island/Def Jam Records.

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