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Daniel Smith
Industry Arts and crafts
Founded 1976
Founder Daniel Smith
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Products Artist materials
Website Official website
Daniel Smith Art Supplies

Daniel Smith (sometimes advertised as Daniel Smith Artists' Materials or Daniel Smith Art Supply) is an art supply manufacturer and retailer. Dan Smith, a noted printmaking artist, founded the operation in 1976, endeavoring to produce artist grade printmaking ink. Later, watercolor paint, oil paint and acrylic paint lines were added to its proprietary selection.

Daniel Smith's paint manufacturing facility is located in Seattle, Washington, where it mills pigments and mixes the final paint product. The company characterizes its paints as "professional artist" grade.

One of the unique approaches to paint that the company focuses on is the use of pigments derived from semi-precious minerals and other unique geological deposits. This PrimaTek® collection of colors has paints derived from turquoise, lapis lazuli, rhodonite, kyanite and serpentine.


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