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Daniel "Danny" Solis is a politician who serves as the alderman of the 25th Ward of the City of Chicago which includes the Lower West Side. He was appointed by Mayor Richard M. Daley in 1996. He is the brother of Patti Solis Doyle, Senator Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager. Solis was a member of Clinton's Illinois Steering Committee.[1]

Public service[edit]

Solis began his career as a school teacher. He was the founder and Executive Director of Latino Youth High School as well as the Executive Director of the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council. Later, he was co-founder and Executive Director of the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) where he led a successful campaign within the Latino community to support the 1986 legislation that allowed undocumented immigrants to seek amnesty as United States citizens.

Solis also led grassroots reform for the Chicago Public Schools by helping organize a campaign to enlist parents and community members to run in the first Local School Council elections.

Aldermanic career[edit]

Solis was appointed alderman in 1996 by Mayor Richard M. Daley.

One of Solis's first actions was to present Angelo J. LaPietra, the founder of the Old Neighborhood Italian American Club at 31st and Shields, a plaque and reward that recognized him as the leader of the community and 25th Ward.

As alderman, Solis has focused on job creation and physical improvements in the 25th Ward. A few examples of physical improvement in the 25th Ward, or Lower West Side, are an expanded National Museum of Mexican Art, the Ping Tom Memorial Park, an improved and award winning rehabilitation of the Archer Court Senior housing development, and continued infrastructure improvements throughout the ward. Solis also encouraged and negotiated with the International Produce Market and American Linen Company to stay and/or locate in the 25th Ward's Planned Manufacturing District (PMD) which has brought and continues to bring jobs and capital to the community.

Throughout his career as alderman, Solis has been an ally of Mayor Daley and in 2001 was appointed President Pro Tempore of the city council, allowing him to oversee council proceedings in the mayor’s absence.

Solis serves on seven committees: Zoning, Budget and Government Operations; Committees, Rules and Ethics; Finance; Education; Health; Human Relations; and Police and Fire.


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