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Daniel Stenberg

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Daniel Stenberg
Self-portrait of Daniel Stenberg in 2015.
Daniel Stenberg in 2015
Born (1970-11-23) November 23, 1970 (age 53)[1]
Other namesbagder[2][3]
OccupationComputer Scientist/Programmer
Notable workcURL

Magnus Daniel Stenberg is a Swedish developer and recipient of the 2017 Polhem Prize[4][5] for his work on cURL.

He was born and raised in Huddinge, a suburb south of Sweden's capital Stockholm. He created a utility which, after various name and license changes, became known as cURL and is currently available under the cURL License (based on the MIT License.[6])

From 2013 to 2018, he worked for Mozilla.[7] In February 2019, Daniel joined wolfSSL[8] to offer commercial support for cURL and to work on cURL as full-time as possible.[9] He is active in the IETF, a member of the working groups for HTTP/2 and QUIC,[10] and contributed to several RFCs.[11]

In April 2023, he became a member of the Polhemsrådet, the Polhem Prize's committee.[12]

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