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Daniel Stisen is a Norwegian bodybuilder.

His father was a former bodybuilder and gym owner, Stisen was heavily influenced by his dad in an early age.

Daniel started to work out in the gym at age 15, and he did his first competition in powerlifting at age 16. He won the south Norwegian teenage powerlifting class in Kristiansand in 1998, and he was the runner up at the Norwegian powerlifting championship the year later 1999, in the junior class.

Daniel finished Mandal Videregaaende skole (College) in 2001, and moved to Kristiansand, the biggest city in south Norway.

The year later Daniel decided to try to compete in Bodybuilding, like his dad and his big hero and role model Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he wait a few years so he could build on some more size. At age 20 Daniel

Stisen was very strong bodybuilder he squatted 370 kg at the gym at age 21, with a bodyweight of 99 kg, this was at the time, was more than the world record in same class for juniors in Squat.

The year later, 2003, Daniel added some more muscle size and become in better condition at South Norwegian Championship, where was the runner-up in the senior class. Two weeks later Daniel won the Norwegian national championship in both junior and senior, light heavyweight class. Daniel was considered[by whom?] as an up-and-coming bodybuilding star in Norway.

Daniel competed again in 2004; he gained more kilos and competed at the Stavanger Open in the heavy weight class, his condition wasn't as good as the year before, and become runner up at Stavanger Open, one week later the become the runner up at the Norwegian Championship. The diet and competitions was documented in the Norwegian bodybuilding documentary "Skulptoren" from 2005, he documentary was shown at the documentary film festival in Volda, Norway. It was shown later at NRK, the Norwegian state channel.

Daniel moved to Oslo, the capital of Norway, in 2006, and competed in The Norwegian championship one more time, where he became the runner up, once again, beaten by 1 point. two weeks later he competed at the Nordic EU championship, where he became a finalist.

The next years didn't go to well, Daniel got injured several time the next years and lost focus on his sport career. His focus was on more normal big city life.

2009, Daniel found back his focus again and was ready to compete, he was bigger than ever, his offseason bodyweight was 107 kg, He trained with former Olympia contender Tommi Thorvildsen. He was considered the favourite to win the nationals. four weeks before the competition, he was going to do a photo shoot for a magazine, at the shoot he manage to tore his thighs. He continued his diet, and competed injured at a bodyweight of 95 kg at SM where he became medalist.

He decided to stop to compete in Bodybuilding after the injury.

Early acting career[edit]

2010 was when he decided to try to become an actor. He start reading about it, attend some courses and talk with professional film makers and actors, same year he was invited onboard on the Norwegian reality TV show "Chaterfeber - kjentsfolk paa tur", this was a game changer, where he start commit 100% to film and acting.

When he came back, he start doing research and found The British Action Academy in London, UK. Where he signed up and start training screen combat/SPAC/Stunts. He did several British independent films as actor and SPAC, when he lived part-time in London.

The same year he met Ivana Chubbuck in London in an seminar and after talking with her, he decided to travel over to Los Angeles to study acting at her studio, Ivana Chubbuck Studio. When Daniel was in Los Angeles, NRK, made the radio documentary "Den neste Schwarzenegger" (The next Schwarzenegger) about Daniel, it was one of the most heard radio documentary in Norway the same year.

Daniel came back to Norway to try to start his film career, this was not easy. He decided to try to compete one more time in bodybuilding, and he did comeback in the new class, Classic bodybuilding, where he won the Norwegian Championship and attend the Arnold Classic Europe.

Daniel was not the typical actor used in Norwegian films and choose to move back to London, UK, where there was more need for his type in the film industry.

Daniel has since been doing several British and American movies and TV-series, independent and Hollywood studio productions, as an actor and stuntman/SPAC, movies and series like The Hollow Crown, King Arthur -Knight's of the round table, Spectre and more. He was ranked as one of the highest ranked Norwegians and Scandinavians actors in the international film industry by IMDB Starmeter. He has also been ranked as one of the highest ranked bodybuilders in the film industry by IMDB Starmeter in 2015.

Sports awards[edit]

Bodybuilding awards[edit]

  • IFBB Winner BB of Oslo Open Grand Prix 2002, Juniors
  • IFBB Runner-up BB SM Open 2003

IFBB Winner of BB Norwegian Championship 2003, Junior.

IFBB Winner of BB Norwegian Championship 2003, Senior.

IFBB Runner-up BB Stavanger Open Grand Prix, 2004, Senior.

IFBB Runner-up BB Norwegian Championship 2004, Senior.

IFBB Runner-up BB Norwegian Championship 2006, Senior.

IFBB Finalist BB Nordic EU Championship 2006, Senior.

IFBB Medalist BB SM open 2009, Senior.

IFBB Winner CBB Norwegian Championship 2013, Senior.

IFBB Arnold Classic Europe CBB Contender 2013, Senior.

Powerlifting awards[edit]

  • Winner South Norwegian Championship Cup. 1998, Teenage
  • Runner-up Norwegian Championship, Junior

Personal lifting records[edit]

  • Squat: 370 kg
  • Bench press: 210 kg
  • Deadlift: 320 kg

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