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Daniel V. Asay's iceboat Gull

Daniel V. Asay (June 26, 1847 – May 2, 1930) was an iceboat racer.[1][2] He claimed to be the oldest ice yacht sailor in the world.[3] His ice boat Gull competed in more races than any other in its class.[4]


He was born on June 26, 1847 in Wrightstown, New Jersey to Edward Parker Asay (1819–1892) and Hannah Van Note (1817–1879).[5] He married Sarah E. Bowman (1843–1896) and after her death married Mary Long (1865–1926).[2][5] He designed, and sailed his iceboats along the frozen Shrewsbury River.

He died on May 2, 1930 in Red Bank, New Jersey.[2]


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