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Daniel of Padua

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Saint Daniel of Padua
Bronze sculpture of Daniel of Padua from the doors of the Basilica of St. Anthony
Venerated inCatholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
FeastJanuary 3
Attributesdepicted as a deacon holding a towel and laver
Patronageinvoked by women whose husbands are at war

Saint Daniel of Padua (died 168 AD) is venerated as the deacon of Saint Prosdocimus, the first Bishop of Padua.


Said to have been of Jewish extraction, he aided Prosdocimus, who evangelized northeastern Nava. Daniel was later martyred.

Daniel's relics, translated on January 3, 1064, lie in the cathedral of Padua.


He is depicted as a deacon holding a towel and laver, signs of service to his bishop that point back to Jesus' washing of his disciples' feet, as well as ritual washing in traditional Judaism.[1]


Daniel is invoked by women whose husbands are at war. He is also invoked during confinement, and similar to Anthony of Padua, to find lost articles.[2]


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