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Daniele Sepe at the TFF Rudolstadt 2013

Daniele Sepe (born April 17, 1960 in Naples) is an Italian musician, known internationally for interpreting protest songs from around the world.

His first instrument was the flute, which he played at the San Pietro a Majella conservatoire.[1] After graduating, he began performing with the Gruppo operaio 'E Zezi di Pomigliano d'Arco, playing at numerous festivals and recording a few albums.

Sepe soon, however, became more interested in jazz and learned to play the saxophone. He continued recording and began performing with many prominent musicians, like Nino D'Angelo, Gino Paoli, Eduardo de Crescenzo, Mia Martini, Teresa de Sio, Roberto de Simone, Peppino Gagliardi, Nino Bonocore and Roberto Murolo. His band, which played under several names, varied widely, from purely wind instruments to big bands. He also composed music for the theatre, cinema and ballet.

In 1994, Sepe recorded Vite Perdite,[2] which was much more successful than any of his previous niche recordings. It was dubbed album of year by Rockerilla, one of the one hundred greatest albums of the 1990s by Rockstar, and received a rave review from Folk-Roots, an English magazine.


Year Title Label
1989 Malamusica Polo sud
1992 L'uscita dei gladiatori Stile Libero/Virgin
1993 Play Standard and More Officina
1994 Vite perdite Polo Sud-Piranha
1995 Spiritus Mundi Polo sud
1996 Viaggi fuori dai paraggi (compilation) Il Manifesto
1996 Trasmigrazioni Il Manifesto
1997 Vite Perdite Pirhana
1997 L'uscita dei gladiatori - rivisto e corretto Il Manifesto
1998 Lavore stanca CNI
1999 Toto sketches Polo Sud
2000 Conosci Víctor Jara? Il Manifesto
2000 Viaggi Fuori Dai Paraggi Robi Droli/Newtone
2004 Truffe & Other Sturiellett' Vol. 1 Polo Sud
2002 Senza Filtro Dunya
2003 Anime Candide Dunya
2004 Truffe & other sturiellett' Vol 2 Polo Sud
2004 Nia Maro Il Manifesto
2005 Lesamore (con A.Kokko) Materiali Sonori
2005 Una Bandi di Pezzenti RaiTrade
2006 Suonarne 1 per educarne 100
2007 Kronomakia
2008 Nostra patria è il mondo intero con la Brigada Internazionale
2010 Fessbuk


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