Danielle Frenkel

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Danielle Frenkel
Israel track and field championship 2011 Danielle Frenkel 01.JPG
Frenkel with the "Woman Athlete of the Year" trophy at the Israel track & field championships; 2011
Personal information
Nickname(s) The Israeli Gravity Bender
Nationality Israeli
Born (1987-09-08) September 8, 1987 (age 29)
Sport Track & field
Event(s) High jump; Triple jump
Coached by Anatoly Shafran
Achievements and titles
National finals Israeli national high jump champion (2010 & 2011)

Danielle Frenkel (Hebrew: דניאל פרנקל‎‎; born September 8, 1987) is an Israeli high jumper. The first Israeli to clear 1.90 meters, and the only one who cleared more than 1.90 meters in international competition.


Danielle Frenkel was interested in being a professional dancer, and trained for years as a teenager with the Bat-Dor Dance Company.[1][2] Two months after she began her army service, as a guide at Yad Vashem (a memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust), Israeli high jump coach Anatoly Shafran, who had seen her jump in a high school competition when she was 14, began an effort to convince her to jump competitively.[1][2][3] She is a law student at the Interdisciplinary Center. Her nickname is the “Gravity Bender”.[1]

High jumping career[edit]

In 2007, when Frenkel began her training with Shafran, she jumped 1.69 meters.[1] In each of the next two years, she improved her personal best by 6 centimeters, jumping 1.81 meters in 2009.[1]

Her breakthrough year was 2010, in which she improved her personal best by 11 centimeters.[1] After several improvements of her personal best, she won the national championships title for the first time, and also became the Israeli record holder with a jump of 1.89m, and few minutes later improved the fresh record to 1.91m. By this achievement, she qualified for the European Championships, held in Barcelona in late July. In the qualifying, she cleared every height in the first attempt, until she set another national record with a jump of 1.92m, and qualified for the Final, becoming the first ever Israeli female athlete to do so. Two days later in the final, her mediocre jump of 1.85m left her in 12th and last place.[4]

In January 2011, Frenkel twice set a new Israeli national indoor record, at 1.87 meters and 1.90 meters.[5][6] In March, at the European Indoor Championships in Paris, she set an Israeli record of 1.94 meters in qualifying. In the final, she reached fourth place with a jump of 1.92m, another best ever achievement for an Israeli woman. In July 2011, she became Israeli national champion for the second consecutive year, with a jump of 1.89 m.[2][7][7][8][9] In August, she had a disappointment at the World Championships in Daegu, as she jumped only 1.85m and failed to qualify. Her season best outdoors was 1.90m, set in June at Neurim.

In June 2011, Frenkel finished fourth in the triple jump at 12.24 meters at the European Team Championships group three in Iceland.[10]

Championships summary[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Israel
2009 European U23 Championships Kaunas, Lithuania 17th (q) High jump 1.72 m
2010 European Championships Barcelona, Spain 12th High jump 1.85 m
2011 European Indoor Championships Paris, France 4th High jump 1.92 m
Universiade Shenzhen, China 17th (q) High jump 1.75 m
World Championships Daegu, South Korea 24th (q) High jump 1.85 m

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