Danielli Yuri

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Danielli Yuri
Medal record
Representing  Brazil
Women's judo
Pan American Games
Silver medal – second place 2007 Rio de Janeiro - 63 kg
Pan American Judo Championships
Silver medal – second place 2008 Montreal - 63 kg
Silver medal – second place 2009 Buenos Aires - 63 kg

Danielli Yuri-Barbosa (born January 3, 1984 in Registro, São Paulo) is a judoka from Brazil.


Yuri-Barbosa was born in Registro but she lives in São Caetano do Sul.

She began with judo in Japan. When she was little her family moved to Japan to make some money. Her father worked there in factories and when they came back to Brazil he opened a judo school.[1]

Yuri likes to be with her family, she likes reading, watching movies. Her favorite actor is Samuel L. Jackson. She can't to say "no" when somebody asked her for a favor and during matches she uses same hairgrip.[2]

Before 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing Brazilian Judo Federation was hesitated who will represented Brazil in half-middleweight. They hesitated between mature Vânia Ishii and young Yuri, but Yuri was chosen.


At 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing she was eliminated in first round by Korean Gong Ja-Yeong. It was very nice aggressive match where Yuri was leading by wazari but later two minutes before end she made a mistake. Korean judoka punished it and won by ippon.[3]


Year Tournament Place Weight class
2007 Pan American Games 2nd Half-Middleweight (- 63 kg)
2008 Pan American Judo Championships 2nd Half-Middleweight (- 63 kg)
2008 Olympic Games 18th Half-Middleweight (- 63 kg)
2009 Pan American Judo Championships 2nd Half-Middleweight (- 63 kg)


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