Danilova (crater)

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Crater characteristics
Danilova crater on Venus.jpg
Danilova crater as seen by the NASA Magellan spacecraft.
Coordinates26°24′S 337°12′E / 26.4°S 337.2°E / -26.4; 337.2Coordinates: 26°24′S 337°12′E / 26.4°S 337.2°E / -26.4; 337.2
Diameter49 km
EponymMaria Danilova[1]

Maria Danilova, Russian ballet dancer, (b. 1793) is honored by the impact crater Danilova on Venus.

Danilova is part of a group of three craters. Clockwise from top left: Danilova, Aglaonice, and Saskia

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