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The Danish American Football Federation (DAFF; Danish: Dansk Amerikansk Fodbold Forbund) is an American football organization in Denmark. Its headquarters are located in Brøndby. DAFF organizes Denmark's national American football team, which competes in the International Federation of American Football.

Since 2000, DAFF has seen a huge increase in membership, influenced in by Danish television station TV2 Zulu broadcasts of National Football League (NFL) games on Sunday evenings. The sudden popularity of the sport in Denmark has been dubbed "the Zulu effect" after the name of the TV station.[1] As of the 2007 season, Viasat obtained the rights to broadcast the NFL in Denmark on both 3+ and TV 2 Sport (Viasat owns 49 percent of TV 2 Sport).

The popularity of American football in Denmark can also be attributed to the nation's interest in the long career of Danish placekicker Morten Andersen, the NFL's all-time leader in points.[2]

National League teams[edit]

Mermaid Bowl[edit]

The Mermaid Bowl is the DAFF championship game, the Danish equivalent of the NFL's Super Bowl. The name is taken from the famous Little Mermaid, a symbol of Denmark. The first final, in 1988, was not played under the Mermaid Bowl name. [3]

# Date Winner Runner-Up Score Venue
1988 Copenhagen Vikings Odense Swans 33–6
I 1989 Copenhagen Vikings Odense Swans 17–13
II 1990 Herning Hawks Odense Swans 20–14
III 1991 Aarhus Tigers Odense Swans 27–0
IV 1992 Copenhagen Towers Herning Hawks 78–50
V 1993 Copenhagen Towers Odense Swans 48–33
VI 1994 Copenhagen Towers Herning Hawks 46–7
VII 1995 Copenhagen Towers Aarhus Tigers 35–20
VIII 1996 Roskilde Kings Copenhagen Towers 62–48
IX 1997 Roskilde Kings Kronborg Knights 56–37
X 1998 Aarhus Tigers Kronborg Knights 48–20
XI 1999 Aarhus Tigers Kronborg Knights 28–0
XII 2000 Aarhus Tigers Roskilde Kings 49–6
XIII 2001 Roskilde Kings Greve Monarchs 17–10
XIV 2002 Avedøre Monarchs Roskilde Kings 27–25
XV 2003 Avedøre Monarchs Roskilde Kings 28–14
XVI 2004 Avedøre Monarchs Herning Hawks 41–12
XVII 2005 Roskilde Kings Kronborg Knights 23–6
XVIII 2006 Triangle Razorbacks Kronborg Knights 21–16
XIX 2007 Triangle Razorbacks Avedøre Monarchs 32–20
XX 2008 Triangle Razorbacks Søllerød Gold Diggers 55–24
XXI October 3, 2009 Søllerød Gold Diggers Triangle Razorbacks 10–0
XXII October 2, 2010 Søllerød Gold Diggers Triangle Razorbacks 13–0
XXIII October 8, 2011 Triangle Razorbacks Søllerød Gold Diggers 35–31
XXIV October 6, 2012 Triangle Razorbacks Søllerød Gold Diggers 34–29
XXV October 12, 2013 Copenhagen Towers Triangle Razorbacks 28–21 Farum Park, Randers
XXVI October 11, 2014 Copenhagen Towers Aarhus Tigers 26–3 AutoC Park, Randers [4]
XXVII October 10, 2015 Triangle Razorbacks Søllerød Gold Diggers 21–17 Energi Viborg Arena, Viborg [5]
XXVIII October 8, 2016 Triangle Razorbacks Copenhagen Towers 22–18 CASA Arena, Horsens [6]
XXIX October 7, 2017 Copenhagen Towers Søllerød Gold Diggers 20–7 Slagelse Stadium, Slagelse [7]
XXX October 13, 2018 00

Danish American Football Federation Hall of Fame[edit]

DAFF opened the Danish American Football Federation Hall of Fame on February 5, 2006, the day of Super Bowl XL.



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