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Not to be confused with Basketligan.
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2015–16 Basketligaen
Basketligaen logo.png
Sport Basketball
Founded 1995
Inaugural season 1995–96
No. of teams 10
Country  Denmark
Continent FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent
Horsens IC
(6th title)
Most titles Bakken Bears
(14 titles)
TV partner(s) TV2 Sport
Relegation to 1. Division
Domestic cup(s) Danish Cup
Official website

The Danish Basketball League is the highest professional basketball league in Denmark. The league is officially known as Basketligaen and was founded in 1998. But, the original men's first division was founded in 1957. All-time record holder in league titles is Bakken Bears, which has captured 14 titles in its history. The main TV partner of the league is TV2 Sport. The team consists of 10 teams, with no relegation rules.


Team City
Bakken Bears Aarhus
SISU Copenhagen Copenhagen
Svendborg Rabbits Svendborg
Team FOG Næstved Næstved
Copenhagen Wolfpack Copenhagen
Randers Cimbria Randers
Horsholm 79ers Hørsholm
Stevnsgade Basketball Copenhagen
Horsens IC Horsens

Champions & Finals[edit]

Season Champion Runner-up Score Finals MVP
1995–96 Værløse/Farum Stevnsgade Basket
1996–97 Bakken Bears Hørsholm 79'ers
1997–98 Horsens IC Bakken Bears
1998–99 Bakken Bears SISU BK
1999–00 Bakken Bears Horsens IC
2000–01 Bakken Bears Værløse/Farum 2–1
2001–02 Værløse/Farum Aabyhøj IF 2–0
2002–03 BF Copenhagen Bakken Bears 2–0
2003–04 Bakken Bears Horsens IC 3–1
2004–05 Bakken Bears SISU BK 3–2
2005–06 Horsens IC Bakken Bears 3–1
2006–07 Bakken Bears Svendborg Rabbits 3–0
2007–08 Bakken Bears Svendborg Rabbits 4–0
2008–09 Bakken Bears Svendborg Rabbits 4–3
2009–10 Svendborg Rabbits Bakken Bears 4–1
2010–11 Bakken Bears Svendborg Rabbits 4–0
2011–12 Bakken Bears Svendborg Rabbits 4–2
2012–13 Bakken Bears Svendborg Rabbits 4–3 Denmark Chris Christoffersen
2013–14 Bakken Bears Randers Cimbria 4–0 United States Kenny Barker
2014–15 Horsens IC Bakken Bears 4–2 Republic of Ireland Brian Fitzpatrick
2015–16 Horsens IC Bakken Bears 4–3 United States Nimrod Hilliard

Statistical leaders[edit]

Season Points Rebounds Assists
2012–13 United States Bonell Colas (24.3) United States Bonell Colas (14.7) Spain Miguel Ortega (6.8)
2013–14 United States Joey Haywood (25.0) United States Durell Vinson (15.2) United States Johnell Smith (5.8)
2014–15 United States Darryl Partin (27.0) United States Bonell Colas (12.6) Argentina Antonio Porta (7.1)



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