Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization

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Defence Materiel Service
Founded 2006-01-01[1]
Country Denmark
Branch Joined/shared
Type Support organisation
Size approx. 1,100[2]
Part of Ministry of Defence (Denmark)
Website Forsvaret.dk/fmi[3]
Commanding officer Lt.gen. Niels Henrik Bundsgaard[4]

The Danish Defence Materiel Service ((Danish): Forsvarets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse, abbrev. FMI) is a joint service unit under the Ministry of Defence (Denmark), tasked with purchase, service and support of equipment within the Danish Defence.


The tasks of the Defence Materiel Service (FMI) is to acquire, maintain and phase out equipment for all of the military authorities - from tanks, ships and aircraft for boots and pocket knives. In collaboration with the Joint armed Defence Command FMI should also ensure timely support and supplies for the Armed Forces ongoing operations at home and abroad. deployed units.


The new FMI (pr. 1 October 2014) is subject to the Ministry of Defence department, and manages nearly seven billion dollars of the total defense budget. Ministry of Defence department and FMI worked together to prepare a performance where, among other FMI's role, mission and vision are described.


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