Danish Sailing Association

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Danish Sailing Association
IOC nation Denmark (DEN)
National flag Denmark
Sport Sailing
Official website www.sejlsport.dk
Preceding organisations Royal Danish Yacht Club
Year of formation 1913
Former names 1907
International federation International Sailing Federation (ISAF)
ISAF members page www.sailing.org/about-isaf/mna/denmark.php
National Olympic Committee Danish Olympic Committee
National Paralympic Committee Danish Paralympic Committee
President Hans Natorp
  • Idraettens Hus
  • Broendby
  • DK-2605
Country Denmark
Secretary General Dan Ibsen
Olympic team manager Thomas Jacobsen

The Danish Sailing Association is the national governing body for the sport of sailing in Denmark, recognised by the International Sailing Federation.

Notable sailors[edit]

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Olympic sailing[edit]

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Offshore sailing[edit]

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Yacht Clubs[edit]

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