Danish Single European Act referendum, 1986

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A non-binding referendum on the Single European Act was held in Denmark on 27 February 1986.[1] It was approved by 56.2% of voters,[2] with a voter participation of 75.4%.[3]

The referendum was held by the government of the Prime Minister of Denmark, Poul Schlüter. The government was in favour of Denmark ratifying the Single European Act, but a majority in parliament was against it.[2] The referendum was the last Europe-related referendum in which parties such as the Social Democrats and the Social Liberal Party recommended against ratification.


Choice Votes %
For 1,629,786 56.2
Against 1,268,483 43.8
Invalid/blank votes 29,383
Total 2,927,652 100
Registered voters/turnout 3,883,429 75.4
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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