Danish Warmblood

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Danish Warmblood
Conservation status
Other namesDansk Varmblod
Country of originDenmark
  • 160–173 cm[3]: 459 
Colourdark colours[3]: 459 
Mare ridden by Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein at the Internationales Pfingstturnier Wiesbaden in 2013

The Danish Warmblood or Dansk Varmblod is a Danish breed of modern sport horse, established in the mid-twentieth century and used mainly for dressage and show-jumping.[4]: 66  Like other European warmblood breeds, it is a performance breed: any suitable horse of any origin may be admitted if it passes a strict performance test. Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Swedish Warmblood and Trakehner are among those that have contributed to the breed.[3]: 459 


The Danish Warmblood came into existence in 1962 with the formation of a breed society, the Dansk Sportsheste Avlsforbund; in 1979 this merged with another association, the Danmarks Lette Hesteavl, to form the present association, Dansk Varmblod.[4]: 66 [5] The first volume of the stud-book was published in 1964, and listed 150 mares.[4]: 66 [5] Most were imported from outside Denmark – more than 100 were of German breeding – and of the 22 born in Denmark the majority were of Oldenburger origin.[5]


The horses usually stand some 160–173 cm at the withers.[3]: 459  The coat may be of any solid colour;[6]: 148 [7]: 179  bay is the most common, but chestnut, grey and dark bay also occur.[4]: 66  Limited white markings may be present.[4]: 66 


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