1916 Danish West Indies status referendum

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An unofficial referendum on the sale of the islands to the United States was held in the Danish West Indies on 17 August 1916.[1] The proposal was approved by 99.83% of voters, with only seven people voting against.[1] It followed the Treaty of the Danish West Indies, which was signed on 4 August, and also approved by a referendum in Denmark in December 1916. The islands were transferred to the United States in 1917.

No vote was held on Water Island, which had been sold by Denmark to the East Asiatic Company, a private shipping company, in 1905, and was no longer part of the colony.[2]


Choice Votes %
For 4,027 99.83
Against 7 0.17
Invalid/blank votes
Total 4,034 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Direct Democracy


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