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LGA and town
Danja is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 11°23′N 7°34′E / 11.383°N 7.567°E / 11.383; 7.567Coordinates: 11°23′N 7°34′E / 11.383°N 7.567°E / 11.383; 7.567
Country  Nigeria
State Katsina State
 • Type Local Government
 • Total 501 km2 (193 sq mi)
Population (2006 census)
 • Total 125,703
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
3-digit postal code prefix 831[1]
ISO 3166 code NG.KT.DJ

Danja is a Local Government Area in Katsina State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Danja.

Danja Local Government Area of Katsina State was created on 21 September 1991 following the creation of additional Local Government Areas throughout the country in 1991, with Danja Town as its headquarters, it was carved out of the former Bakori Local Government Area.


Danja town was founded long time ago by a group of hunters and they were brave men. The leader of the group was called "JA" and his son was called "DANJA" which means son of "JA" from which the town derived its name, they found the land to be rich and fertile, they started farming activities and had a bumper harvest, this attracted more people to the area, they came from far and near to settle down. They later built a wall around their town for protection from enemies, this wall is called Ganuwa and it has four entrance that are named; Kofar Gabas, Kofar Kudu, Kofar Yamma and Kofar Arewa respectively, and up to this time some tresses are still visible in some parts of the town.


The Local Government is located in the southern part of Katsina State in Funtua Senatorial Zone and is bordered by Funtua Local Government to the North-West end, Bakori and Kafur Local Governments to the north and east respectively. While to the South, Danja Local Government shares boundaries with Kudan Local Government and to the West with Giwa Local Government all of Kaduna State, also to the east-south corner Danja Local Government shares common boundaries with Rogo Local Government Area of Kano State.

It has an area of 501 km2.


Danja Local Government has one District Area, Headed by one District Head with the title of Sarkin Kudun Katsina in the person of Alh M. T. Bature, appointed by HRH late Alh (Dr) Muhammadu Kabir Usman Sarkin Katsina (RIP). Alh M.T. Bature is the son of Alh Ibrahim Nadabo Iyan Katsina, District Head of Bakori/Danja (1953–56), and the son of Alh Labaran Nadabo Iyan Katsina, District Head Danja/Bakori (1914–1952) and the son of Iya Abdullahi Nadabo Iyan Katsina (1869–1883).

The District was first created in 1914 by Sarkin Katsina Muhammadu Dikko of blessed memory and appointed Alh Labaran Nadabo as the first District Head of Danja with the title of Makaman Katsina, but after the death of Iya Zakari District Head of Mashi in 1923, the title of Iyan Katsina was returned to Iya Abdullahi Nadobo's Family those Makama Labaran District Head Danja was returbaned as Iyan Katsina DH Danja.

In 1932 for strategic and colonial administrative reason, the District Headquarters of Danja District was moved to Bakori town, those bringing Danja to be a Village Area, with a Village Head, Sarkin Fulanin Danja as the administrative head of Danja Village Area, the Village Head that ruled Danja with the title of Sarkin Fulanin Danja from 1914 are as follows:

  1. Sarkin Fulanin Danja Idris Nadabo 1915–1939
  2. Sarkin Fulanin Danja Ibrahim Nadabo 1939–1953
  3. Sarkin Fulanin Danja Muntari Nadabo 1953–1956
  4. Sarkin Fulanin Danja Usman Captain Nadabo 1956–1988
  5. Sarkin Fulanin Danja Abubakar Sadiq Nadabo 1988–1991
  6. Sarkin Fulanin Danja Alh Yazid Sadiq Nadabo 1992–

Politically Danja Local Government consists of ten (10) Political Wards namely; Danja 'A', Danja 'B', Dabai, Tandama, Kahutu 'A', Kahutu 'B', Tsangamawa, Yakaji 'A', Yakaji 'B', Jiba. Since its creation, Danja LGA has experienced series of leadership, some served as elected Chairmen, Administrators or appointed Caretaker Committee Chairmen, of the Local Government Area. They are as follows (1981– Date):

  1. Alh Abdu Dan'asabe, 1st Administrator 1983- 1983 (1st created under second republic but was scrapped the same year)
  2. Alh Yakubu Haruna, Sole Administrator 1991–1991
  3. Alh Ibrahim Adamu SK, Elected Chairman 1991–93
  4. Alh Abdullahi Musa, Administrtor 1993–94
  5. Alh Muhammadu Umar, Caretaker Committee Chairman 1994–96
  6. Alh Abdullahi Shu'aibu Tandama, Caretaker and Elected Chairman 1996–97 (three times)
  7. Alh Abu Abubakar Bindawa, Caretaker Committee Chairman 1997–98
  8. Alh Sani Abdullahi Dabai, Caretaker and Elected Chairman 1998–2002 (three times)
  9. Alh Bishir Lawal, Caretaker Committee Chairman 2002–2003
  10. Alh Abdullahi Balarabe Dabai, Caretaker and Elected Chairman 2007–2010
  11. Alh Muntari Balarabe, HLGA 2010–2010
  12. Alh Hasan Dambo, HLGA 2011–2011
  13. Alh Abdu Ruma, HLGA 2011–2012
  14. Alh Tijjani Lawal, Caretaker Committee Chairman 2012–2014
  15. Alh Ahamed Abubakar K.O., Elected Chairman 2014–2015
  16. Alh Ibrahim Isa, HLGA 2015–2015
  17. Alh Nura Sule Yandaki, HLGA 2016–2016
  18. Lawal Shu'aibu Riko, HLGA 2016–2016
  19. Alh Hadi Maidawa, HLGA 2016– 2016
  20. Alh Nura Sale Yandaki, HLGA 2016-2016

21-Alh Bello Abubakar, HLGA 2016 Currently Danja District is composed of twelve (12) Village Areas headed by Village Heads who assist the District Head in running the affairs of the District. The Village Areas include Danja, Dabai, Tsangamawa, Tandama, Kahutu, Yakaji, Jiba, Majedo, Chediya, Bazanga, Danmaigauta, and Dauraku.


Danja Local Government Area, according to 2006 census, has a population of 125,703 people residing within the area.

The predominant tribes inhabiting of Danja Local Government Area are, Hausas, Fulanis and some small number of yorubas, Kanuris and Igbos, and the likes, vast majority of the population are Muslims and small number of Christians. Hausa language is the major language of communication in the Local Government Area.



The Danja Local Government Area, is blessed with a very rich fertile land with very good atmosphere suitable for agricultural activities, particularly rainy season farming during which they cultivate varieties of crops such as maize, g/corn, soya beans, white beans, groundnuts, cotton, millet, cassava, and rice. As a fact, over 95% of the people are predominantly farmers. In addition to the rainy season farming, the people practice a lot of irrigation farming, large fadamas found in the area made it possible for the inhabitants to grow tomatoes, rice, sugar cane and Irish potatoes, in large quantities; other crops are wheat and onions. Moreover, many of its people rear animals such as cows, sheep and goats. In addition there are poultry farmers and also Fulani Hardsmen whose occupation is cattle rearing.

Commercial Activities

Major markets of Danja Local Government are Danja market, Chunko market Kokami, Dabai market, Tandama market, some seasonal Tomato Markets at Danja, Nahuce,and Chunko. Also a cotton market at Danja. Being an agricultural area it always attracts merchants from far and near, and is always full of commercial activity. In addition, there is A SUGAR COMPANY, Several Pure Water Companies, Bakeries, Micro Finance Bank, some Shopping Plazas and several communication mathias, and many petrol stations.

Mineral Resources

Danja Local Government is blessed with abundant and different varieties of mineral resources located in different parts of the local government, these include precious stones such as gold, nickel, beirut, and tantalite, others are iron ore, koalin, and coal. Presently there are some companies with leasing licenses that are working in their sites.


Danja have fifty eight (58) Primary Schools,a Pilot Primary School, a Government Girls Primary School both at Danja, about ten (10) private primary schools,Four (4) Private Secondary Schools at Danja and Dabai. it has five (5) Government Day Secondary Schools, about three (3) Community Secondary Schools at Jiba,Unguwar Balarabe and Danja, Including Girls Community Secondary School at Danja, a Business Apprentice Training Centre Danja. (3) Community College Of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Danja, Dabai and Dan'amarya. Several Islamiya schools across the Local Government Area.


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Alh Yazid Sadiq Nadabo Sarkin Fulanin Danja. Edited 2016 -