Danjiangkou Reservoir

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Danjiangkou Reservoir
Danjiangkou Reservoir.svg
Danjiangkou Reservoir is located in Henan
Danjiangkou Reservoir
Danjiangkou Reservoir
LocationHenan and Hubei,  People's Republic of China
Coordinates32°43′8.39″N 111°33′3.20″E / 32.7189972°N 111.5508889°E / 32.7189972; 111.5508889Coordinates: 32°43′8.39″N 111°33′3.20″E / 32.7189972°N 111.5508889°E / 32.7189972; 111.5508889
Primary inflowsDan River
Primary outflowsHan River

Danjiangkou Reservoir(simplified Chinese: 丹江口水库; traditional Chinese: 丹江口水庫; pinyin: Dānjiāngkǒu Shuǐkù) is a multi-purpose reservoir in Xichuan County, Henan and Danjiangkou City, Hubei province, Central China. Created by the Danjiangkou Dam, it serves as a supply of water for the region as well as irrigation, electricity generation and flood control. It was constructed in 1958, and at the time was one of the largest reservoirs in Asia.