Denmark Sound

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Denmark Sound
Denmark Fjord
North Greenland section-txu-pclmaps-oclc-8322829 a 1.jpg
Map of Northeastern Greenland
Denmark Sound is located in Greenland
Denmark Sound
Denmark Sound
Location in Greenland
Location Arctic
Coordinates 81°40′N 26°20′W / 81.667°N 26.333°W / 81.667; -26.333Coordinates: 81°40′N 26°20′W / 81.667°N 26.333°W / 81.667; -26.333
Ocean/sea sources Wandel Sea
Basin countries Greenland
Frozen Practically all year round

Denmark Sound or Denmark Fjord (Danish: Danmark fjord) is a fjord or sound located on the northeast tip of Greenland within Northeast Greenland National Park.

The fjord was found and named during the Denmark expedition 1906-1908 led by Lauge Koch which mapped Greenland's north coast between Cape York and Denmark Sound.[1]


This fjord, together with Independence Sound and Hagen Sound, flows into the Wandel Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. Three islands are located in the bay at the mouth of the sound, Princess Thyra Island, Princess Margaret Island and Princess Dagmar Island.[2] The area was formerly part of Avannaa, originally Nordgrønland ("North Greenland"), a former county of Greenland until 31 December 2008.

The Danish military base/weather station Nord is located by the sound on the western side of Crown Prince Christian Land Peninsula.

1911 German map of NE Greenland showing the Denmark Fjord.

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