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Danny Barbarigos (1930 in Zakynthos, Greece–1997) was a Chicago restaurateur from 1959-1991. He was born in Zakynthos, Greece and moved to Chicago in 1955. He resided in Glenview, Illinois for more than 30 years.


He began by purchasing Carson's Drive-In, (1960–1965). It was an 80-seat coffee shop serving breakfast. He later expanded to Danny's Snack Shop, Niles, Illinois (1965–66) another small coffee shop. He opened Danny's Snack Shop, Mundelein, Illinois (1966–1971) a 120-seat breakfast restaurant. Tarney's Restaurant, Mundelein (1968–1971), a 200-seat steakhouse. Dionysus Restaurant, Glenview Illinois (1972–73) was a Greek restaurant. Volume II Restaurant (1974–75) Morton Grove, Illinois was a restaurant purchased from the owner of the Millionaires Club. The Smorgasbord (1976–1984) Melrose Park, Illinois was a Buffet-style restaurant with 300-seats, was originally a closed down Millionaires Club. The Smorgasbord (1982–85) in the Ford City Shopping Mall in Chicago was another closed down Millionaires Club with 400-seats. Hemingway's Restaurant (1986–87) was a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant in Westmont, Illinois. Acropolis Restaurant (1987) was a Greek restaurant in Greektown, Chicago. Tiffanys Restaurant (1988–89) was a 150-seat 24-hour restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Michaels (1990–91) in Glenview, Illinois was a 24-hour restaurant and the last of his restaurant management career before his retirement in 1991 due to poor health.