Danny Heifetz

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Danny Heifetz
Birth name Daniel Mark Heifetz
Also known as I Quit, 26Valencia, AtlasFace, Back-It-Up Dan
Born 1964
New York, NY
Genres Rock, experimental music, country, jazz
Occupation(s) Musician, teacher
Instruments Drums, percussion, trumpet, vibes, guitanjo
Years active 1981–present
Associated acts Mr. Bungle
Secret Chiefs 3
Barefoot Hockey Goalie
Virgil Shaw and The Killer Views
The Tango Saloon
The Fantastic Terrific Munkle
The Curse of Company

Danny Heifetz (born, 1964 in New York City) is an American drummer. He teaches and plays the drums in Sydney, Australia. His teaching studio, 'ThePractice', is located in Sydney's Central Business District (CBD). He is primarily a drummer and percussionist, but also plays trumpet as well as the guitanjo and mediocre piano (with the sustain pedal down most of the time). He is the grandson of the late violinist Jascha Heifetz.

He was a member of:

  • Embryo (with Ryan Mallory)
  • Snowblind (with Blair Hatch and Hector Nunez)
  • Persuasion (with Matt Johnson, Gregor Verbinski and BlairH)
  • The Drivers (1981-1983; with GregorV, John Thum, RyanM and Rick MacDonald)
  • The Cylon Boys Choir (1981-1982; with John Nau, Gerald Gates, Michael Cronin, Andrew Harvey, John Hench and GV)
  • Eggly Bagelface (1985-1987; with Shon McAlinn, Rich Engel, Tyce Fraser and Mike Wilson)
  • Barn (1987-1988; same minus MW)
  • Mr. Bungle (1989–2000)
  • Dieselhed (1989-2000)
  • Link Wray (1997–2002)
  • Merle Morris (2004-2007)

He is currently active with:

He has contributed to or played with:

In July 2010, theHEAD released a free, internet-only improvish album "Trojan Jazz Festival". It was recorded live in 2–3 hours in a TroyHorse (Sydney) rehearsal room. Like many projects, it wasn't planned to be released at the time of recording.

As of September, 2013, he lives back in Sydney, AUS (after spending 2011 in the US).

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