Danny Lamagna

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Danny Lamagna
Genres Crossover Thrash, Hardcore punk(early), Metalcore, Punk rock
Instruments Drums
Associated acts Suicide City, Sworn Enemy
Website danlamagna.com

Danny Lamagna is the drummer for rock bands Suicide City[1][2] and Sworn Enemy.[3][4]


Suicide City[edit]

In 2004, Lamagna started Suicide City with Groovenics singer Karl Bernholtz, Groovenics/Ghost Fight guitarist A. J. Marchetta, Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo and Biohazard vocalist Billy Graziadei.[5]

Sworn Enemy[edit]

In 2010, vocalist Sal Lococo, bassist Jamin Hunt and guitarists Lorenzo Antonucci and Jeff Cummings of hardcore band Sworn Enemy brought Lamagna in to perform drums with the ensemble.[6][7]

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