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Danny Tenaglia
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Background information
Birth name Daniel Tenaglia
Also known as Soulboy, Code 718, King Street Crew, Hambone, NYLX, NYDC, The Look, DATAR,
Born (1961-03-07) March 7, 1961 (age 55)
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Genres Tribal house, US garage, techno, progressive house
Occupation(s) Record producer, DJ, remixer
Website Dannytenaglia.com

Daniel "Danny" Tenaglia (born March 7, 1961) is a New York-based DJ and Grammy nominated record producer.[1] He is also a 3 time International Dance Music Award winner, 3 time DJ Awards winner and 2 time Muzik Awards recipient.


Early life[edit]

At the age of ten, Tenaglia first started to collect records. In 1979, he began going to nightclub Paradise Garage, where DJ Larry Levan's genre-less blend of music appealed to him. This was the club model Tenaglia would one day emulate: Levan's bold style, the venue's plain décor, and the party's warmth and inclusiveness.[citation needed]

Tenaglia left New York in 1985 and started DJ-ing in Miami as a resident at Cheers nightclub, playing classic New York and Chicago house. He returned to New York five years later. At this time, he started to create some remixes, including Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" (1991), Jamiroquai's "Emergency on Planet Earth" (1993), and Madonna's "Human Nature" (1994).

DJ career[edit]

Tenaglia's first mainstream success was with a remix of The Daou's "Surrender Yourself" (1993). The title of his 1995 debut artist album on New York's Tribal Records described the genre as Hard & Soul.[citation needed] Tenaglia cited his influences ranged from Patti LaBelle to Kraftwerk, with many lesser-known soul, R&B, Latin, samba and disco artists in between.[citation needed]

Subsequent to this Tenaglia released three label compilations - Mix This Pussy (1994) and Can Your Pussy Do The Dog? (1995) for Tribal, and Gag Me With A Tune (1996) for Maxi.

As a producer[edit]

In 1996, after working for a short time at the New York nightclub Roxy, Tenaglia started a Saturday night residency at Twilo, a position that brought him some public attention. Contrary to the music popular in New York at the time, Tenaglia was producing the more minimal, tech-y grooves originating in European production studios. This period produced remixes like Grace's "Not Over Yet" (1996) and Janet Jackson's "The Pleasure Principle" (1996). In 1998, he moved his residency over to NY club Tunnel.

In 1998, Danny released another full-length LP titled Tourism. The album featured the track "Elements", an instant classic. With his own warped voice providing the narration, "Elements" walked the listener through the different components of a dance track in real time, going from kick to drum loop to snare hit, letting each layer over the other until the track exploded with dark, drum-heavy energy. "Elements" was #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart for two weeks in 1998. "Music is the answer" featuring Celeda (also on the LP Tourism) was on the top 40 charts in the UK. Next to ostentatious radio anthems, its simplicity was a revelation.

The release of his first installment in the UK-based Global Underground series of DJ mixes, titled Athens (2000), lit the international fire. Athens (meant to reflect the set he played at the Greek capital's club King Size) remains one of the darkest, strangest, sexiest sets ever released by Danny. Its tame cover photo of a gentle-looking man in a Yankee cap just didn't seem to fit. DJ dates across Europe dispelled the mystery and started to clue people in as to what Danny's sets were like.

Back in New York, Tenaglia was tiring of the cavernous gloom of Tunnel and longed for a weekly home that better resembled where the DJ bug first bit him - the Paradise Garage. He landed at Vinyl, a black-walled, single-environment, no-liquor club about one-quarter the size of Tunnel. He named the night "Be Yourself," after the self-affirming, heavy-bottomed vocal track he had recently recorded with Chicago's Celeda. And he took the name to heart: Without the pressure of bar minimums or an expectant crowd, Tenaglia spread his DJ wings. Next to new tracks he played tracks by the artists who inspired him during his youth. If he wanted to launch into a two-hour set of straight-up techno, he did. If he wanted to play old Michael Jackson records, he did. If he wanted to get on the mic and tell the crowd the name of the sound he was about to play, or who next week's guest opening DJ would be, or just give everyone a "verbal handshake" to welcome them to the club, he did. And a city tired of drama embraced the barebones, music-centered night.

The world caught up to Tenaglia in 2000. His annual party during Miami's Winter Music Conference outgrew its home at the cramped Groovejet and moved to just-opened superclub Space. DJ giants like Carl Cox danced on top of the speakers with the Deep Dish boys, Fatboy Slim mingled on the patio, and for a day the ego inherent to DJ culture evaporated: Tenaglia was hailed as the "DJ's DJ." His roof-raising revamp of Green Velvet's "Flash" won "Best Remix" at the UK's Muzik Awards, where he was also awarded the "Best International DJ" prize.

In the two years that followed, Tenaglia released another Global Underground installment titled London; toured the world, took the party island of Ibiza by storm, remixed Billy Nichols' "Give Your Body Up To The Music" (a Garage anthem); got nominated for a Grammy (for his remix of Depeche Mode's "I Feel Loved," also nominated for Best Dance Song); returned to Twilo for two special gigs - a President's Day marathon with Carl Cox that shattered all its attendance records, and the club's sixth anniversary party with John Digweed, which turned out to be even more meaningful than it seemed at the time (Twilo was shut down permanently a week later); graced the cover of every major dance music magazine; and won a Dancestar Lifetime Achievement award... all while keeping the "Be Yourself" party buzzing every Friday.

In 2003, Danny came full circle with the release of Choice: A Collection Of Classics, a two-CD mixed compilation that let him pay direct tribute to many of the artists who had influenced his sound and style. It featured everyone from Blaze to Adeva to Imagination, as well as hefty liner notes explaining the significance of each track, penned by Danny himself. He also remixed another Garage classic (Yoko Ono's "Walking On Thin Ice," which became her first Billboard number one ever), opened another Space during Winter Music Conference (the new location down the block), and took another Dancestar award, this time 'Best Party' for "Be Yourself."

"Be Yourself" took the same honor again in 2004, but this time the win was bittersweet. At the time of the ceremony, Vinyl, now called Arc, had already been sold to condo developers. Danny closed the classic club on Sunday, April 25, 2004, with an emotional set that lasted well into Monday afternoon, and culminated with his mix of Kings Of Tomorrow's paean to unending love, "Finally."

Present day[edit]

Since then Danny has remained prolific in the clubs and has graced the decks in all the big rooms in NYC including Avalon, Crobar, Pacha NYC, Roxy and Webster Hall. After a long studio silence, Danny re-emerged in 2008 with a single on Tommy Boy Records, "The Space Dance". It was named in honor of his first weekly residency during the summer season of 2008 at renowned global clubbing institution Space Ibiza. The track reached number 1 on the Billboard Club Charts during November 2008.

Immediately following that, Danny released his first compilation album in five years, entitled Futurism, also on Tommy Boy Records, with a nod to the modern dance floor and Danny's outlook for tomorrow's sounds. The compilation featured tracks from artists whom Danny had been championing for several years including Davide Squillace, The Wighnomy Brothers and Afefe Iku. On January 24th, 2016, Danny was the closing DJ of yet another club, Pacha NYC. At the end of his 7 hour set, while taking requests, he made reference to his multiple club-closings, by rejecting some songs by stating that they were already played at the closing of Vinyl / Arc and others.

After over 30 years of DJing Danny still continues to tour around the world. His commitment to playing new music and incorporating it with music from his past is still a very big part of his performances.



  • "$ (That's What I Want)" (Tribal UK)
  • "B" (Hooj Choon) (vocals by Kayo and DT, under the artist DATAR w/ Chris Bourne & Andy Holt)
  • "Baby Do You Feel Me" (with Teena Marie) (Funktastica)
  • "Bottom Heavy" (Tribal)
  • "Elements" (Twisted)
  • "Glammer Girl" (Sexy) (under the artist The Look)
  • "Goosebumps" (Twisted) (under the artist NYLX w/ Underground Sound of Lisbon)
  • "USL" Give Me Goosebumps (Kremlin Mix)
  • "Harmonica Track" (Maxi) (under the artist Soulboy)
  • "Loft in Paradise" (MAW)
  • "Look Ahead" (Tribal)
  • "Love or Lust" (Maxi) (under the artist Soulboy)
  • "March" (Sexy) (under the artist The Look)
  • "Music is the Answer" (Twisted)
  • "Ohno" (Twisted)
  • "Turn Me On" (Twisted)
  • "Up In the House" (Tribal) (under the artist NYDC with Deep Dish)
  • "WOW!" (Tribal) (under the artist Hambone)
  • "Dibiza" (Stereo Productions) 2006
  • "Space Dance" (Tommy Boy House) 2008


  • A Guy Called Gerald - "VooDoo Ray" (DMC) 1996
  • Anything Box - "The Beat of Life" (Epic)
  • Akiko - "Crazy About You" (Sony Japan)
  • Arthur Baker - "Let There Be Love" (RCA)
  • Balo - "Only You" (Tribal)
  • Bardeau - "Shangri-La" (Enigma)
  • Beats International - "Change Your Mind" (London)
  • Bette Midler - "I'm Beautiful" (Warner Brothers) 1999
  • Blind - "Truth Love is the Key" (Minimal)
  • Blondie - "Nothing is Real But the Girl" (Beyond) 1999
  • Byron Stingley - "Stick Together" (Nervous) 1999
  • Byron Stingley - "Why Can't You Be Real" (Nervous) 1999
  • Cause & Effect - "Nothing Comes to Mind" (Exile/BMG)
  • Cause & Effect - "Another Minute" (Exile/BMG)
  • Celeda - "Be Yourself" (Twisted) 1999
  • Cerrone - "Supernature" (Pure) 1996
  • Cher - "All or Nothing" (Pure) 1999
  • Clockwork - "Shout It Out" (Mercury/Polygram) 1989
  • Club 69 - "Warm Leatherette" (Twisted) 1998
  • Club 69 - "Drama" (Twisted) 1997
  • Code 718 - "Equinox" (Strictly Rhythm)
  • D-Note - "Lost & Found" (Virgin) 1997
  • Dajae - "U Got Me Up" (CAJUAL)
  • The Daou - "Surrender Yourself" (Columbia/Tribal) 1993
  • The Daou - "Give Myself to You" (Tribal) 1993
  • Daphne - "Change" (Maxi)
  • Daphne - "When You Love Someone" (Maxi)
  • Dead Or Alive - "Baby Don't Say Goodbye" (1989)
  • Deep Dish - "Stranded" (Deconstruction) 1997
  • Deep Dish presents Quench - "High Frequency" (Tribal/Deep Dish)
  • Deepstate - "Everybody Get Down" (Atlantic)
  • Depeche Mode - "I Feel Loved" (Mute) 2001
  • Double Dee - "Found Love" (Epic)
  • Dread - "Flimstone from the Ghetto" (Scotti Brothers)
  • E-N - "The Horn Ride" (Tribal)
  • East 17 - "Hold My Body Tight" (London/FFRR) 1988
  • Ed Lover/Doctor Dre - "Back Up Off Me" (Relativity)
  • Escape Club - "Call It Poison" (Atlantic)
  • Faithless - "Salve Mea" (Arista) 1997
  • First Choice - "Double Cross '92" (Salsoul) 1992
  • Francois K. - "Mindspeak" (Wave)
  • Frankie Knuckles/Adeva - "Love Can Change It" (Virgin)
  • Funky Green Dogs - "Fired Up" (Twisted) 1996
  • Funky Green Dogs from Outer Space - "Reach for Me" (Tribal) 1994
  • Garbage - "When I Grow Up" (Mushroom) 1999
  • Giant Steps - "Satzuki" (Eightball)
  • Giorgio Moroder - "Here to Eternity" (Caus 'N' Effect/Airplane!(impor) Logic(US)) 2000
  • Giselle Jackson - "Love Commandments" (Waaco) 1997
  • The Good Girls - "Just Call Me" (Motown)
  • Grace - "It's Not Over" (Kinetic/Warner Brothers) 1997
  • Grace Jones - "Feel Up" (Island)
  • Green Velvet - "Flash" (F-111) 2000
  • Hammer - "Gaining Momentum" (Capitol)
  • Hansoul - "Imagination" (Epic)
  • Heller & Farley - "Rising Sun" (Junior) 1999
  • Hi-Impact - "Lookout Weekend" (Epic)
  • I don't have zin om te draaien - "Change Your Mind" (Tuindorp)
  • Isis Hail - "The World" (4th & B'way)
  • Jackie 60 - "The Jackie Hustle" (Minimal)
  • Jamie J. Morgan - "Why?" (A&M)
  • Janet Jackson - "Pleasure Principle" (AM:PM) 1996
  • Jamiroquai - "Emergency on Planet Earth" (Columbia)
  • Kym Mazelle - "Love Me the Right Way" (RCA/Logic)
  • Kimara Lovelace - "Only You" (King Street) 1996
  • Kinane - "Heaven" (Coalition/UK) 1998
  • King Street Crew - "Things U Do to Me" (Nervous)
  • King Street Crew - "Gonna Be Alright" (Nervous)
  • Kiwi Dreams - "Y?" (Tribal) 1994
  • Liberty City - "Some Lovin'" (Tribal/Murk) 1994
  • Lisa Stansfield - "Everything Will Get Better" (Arista) 1992
  • Loleatta Holloway - "Hit & Run '92" (Salsoul)
  • Love Root - "Funky Emotions" (Fourth Floor)
  • Madonna - "Human Nature" (Maverick/WB) 1995
  • Mavis Staples - "The Voice" (Paisley Park)
  • Me'Shell NdegeOcello - "Who Is He and What Is He to You" (Maverick/WB) 1996
  • Michael Jackson - "Thriller '92" (Epic) 1992
  • Mija - "Fun at Home" (Maxi)
  • Moby - "James Bond 007 Theme" (Mute) 1997
  • New Order - "World (The Price of Love)" (Qwest/WB)
  • Oletta Adams - "Never Knew Love" (Fontana)
  • The Orb - "Little Fluffy Clouds" (Island) 1998
  • Patricia Kaas - "Reste Sur Moi" (Columbia)
  • Patrick O'Hearn - "Black Delilah" (Private Music) 1989
  • Pet Shop Boys - "Before" (EMI) 1996 (original version also co-produced by Tenaglia)
  • Pet Shop Boys - "The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On" (EMI) 1996
  • Pet Shop Boys - "Saturday Night Forever" (EMI) 1996
  • Reach 2 Rhythm - "All or Nothing" (Tribal/Guerilla) 1990
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  • Robert Owens - "Something U Can't Finish" (Minimal)
  • Seventh Avenue - "The Love I Lost" (Atlantic) 1988
  • Shakespear's Sister - "Break My Heart" (FRRR/London) 1989
  • The Shamen - "MK2A" (One Little Indian)
  • Shernette - "May If You Want Me To" (Virgin/UK)
  • Soul Verite - "Chan Me to the Beat" (Maxi)
  • Spill feat. William Orbit - "Don't Want to Know" (Virgin)
  • Susan Clark - "Deeper" (London/FFRR)
  • T-Connection - "At Midnight '92" (Chemistry)
  • Third World - "Every Little Touch" (Mercury)
  • Underground Sound of Lisbon - "So Get Up" (Tribal) 1994
  • Ultra Nate - "New Kind of Medicine" (AM:PM) 1998
  • Vanessa Daou - "Sunday Afternoon" (Krasnow/MCA) 1996
  • Vanessa Daou - "Two to Tango" (Krasnow/MCA) 1996
  • Visions - "I'm Coming Home" (Flying)
  • Wailing Souls - "All Over the World" (CHAOS) 1992
  • Wayne G - "Twisted" (FFRR) 1997
  • Xaviera Gold/Ralphi Rosario - "You Used to Hold Me" (Strictly Hype)
  • Yoko Ono - "Walking on Thin Ice"

Awards and nominations[edit]

Grammy Awards[edit]

Year Nominated work Category Result
2002 Depeche Mode's "I Feel Loved" Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical Nominated

DJ Awards[edit]

The DJ Awards organizes the annual electronic music DJ awards event it is the only international ceremony for DJs and also the oldest, the awards are held once a year at Pacha club in Ibiza Spain it is one of the most important accolades an artist can win or be honoured by.[2]

Tengalia has won the Best Set of the Season Award 2 times and the DJ's DJ Award1 time and received 5 nominations overall.

Selected awards
Year Award Nominated work Category Result
2000 DJ Awards Dany Tengalia DJ's DJ Won
2000 DJ Awards Danny Tengalia Best House DJ Nominated
2001 DJ Awards Danny Tengalia Best Set of the Season Won
2002 DJ Awards Danny Tengalia Best Set of the Season Won
2007 DJ Awards Danny Tengalia Best Progressive House DJ Nominated

International Dance Music Awards[edit]

Tengalia has achieved 3 wins from 15 nominations overall.

Selected awards
Year Award Nominated work Category Result
2001 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best International DJ Won
2002 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Won
2002 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best Global DJ Nominated
2003 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Won
2003 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best Global DJ Nominated
2004 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2005 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2006 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2007 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2008 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2008 IDMA Danny Tengalia "Futurism" Best Full Length DJ Mix CD Nominated
2009 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2010 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best American DJ Nominated
2012 IDMA Danny Tengalia Best North American DJ Nominated
2014 IDMA Danny Tengalia "Balance 025" Best Full Length DJ Mix CD Nominated

Muzik Awards[edit]

Selected awards
Year Award Nominated work Category Result
2002 Muzik Danny Tengalia Best Re-Mix for Green Velvets "Flash" Won
2002 Muzik Danny Tengalia "Best International DJ" Won

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