Dano-Swedish War

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Dano-Swedish Wars
Bornhöft 1813.jpg
The Battle of Bornhöved (1813), the last major battle between Danish and Swedish troops.
DatePrehistory to 1814 (Treaty of Kiel)
Result Dissolution of Kalmar Union
Annexation of Skåneland, Bohuslän and Jämtland to Sweden
Formation of Swedish-Norwegian Union

 Denmark (to 1389)
Kalmar Union Kalmar Union (1389-1523)
Denmark–Norway Denmark-Norway (from 1523)

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  / Sweden Sweden

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Dano-Swedish War may refer to one of multiple wars which took place between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Kingdom of Denmark (from 1450 in personal union with the Kingdom of Norway) up to 1814:

List of wars[edit]

Legendary wars between Denmark and Sweden[edit]

Middle Ages (Denmark versus Sweden)[edit]

Union Wars[edit]

Early Modern Period (Denmark-Norway versus Sweden)[edit]