The Return of the Dancing Master

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The Return of the Dancing Master
British first edition cover
Author Henning Mankell
Original title Danslärarens återkomst
Translator Laurie Thompson
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Genre Crime, Mystery novel
Publisher Harvill Secker
Publication date
2000 (orig.) & 2004 (Eng. trans. )
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 466 pp (Eng. hardback trans.)
ISBN 1-84343-058-4 (Eng. trans.)
OCLC 59342736

The Return of the Dancing Master is a 2000 novel by Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell. It was translated into English in 2003 by Laurie Thompson, and won the 2005 Gumshoe Award for Best European Crime Novel, presented by Mystery Ink.

The central character of the book is Stefan Lindman, a young police officer with cancer, who investigates the murder of a retired officer. The plot explores the relationship between the German Nazi movement and the Neo-Nazis in modern Sweden.

A Swedish television adaptation was produced in 2004 starring Swedish actor Jonas Karlsson as Stefan Lindman. A German TV-film as well was produced same year, starring actor Tobias Moretti as Lindman.