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Danson Tang
Chinese name
Pinyin Táng Yǔzhé (Mandarin)
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Born (1984-09-02) September 2, 1984 (age 31)
Keelung, Taiwan
Other name(s) DT
Occupation Singer, Actor, model
Genre(s) Mandopop
Instrument(s) Vocal, Piano, Guitar
Label(s) Gala Television (2007-2011)
Avex Taiwan (2007-2011)
Comprise Boundless Entertainment (2011-Present)
Years active 2004–present
Education Hsing Wu University
Official website Avex Taiwan official homepage

Danson Tang (Chinese: 唐禹哲; pinyin: Táng Yǔzhé) is a Taiwanese model, actor and singer, who started his career as a commercial model before pursuing an acting career and later singing. He was previously under management to Gala Television for his acting projects and Avex Taiwan for his music career. He is currently contracted to Eternity Entertainment Corporation (娛樂線股份有限公司) and managed by Comprise Boundless Entertainment (賢叔輯娛樂經紀).[1]

He studied at Hsing Wu University majoring in English. Tang is able to converse in English, Mandarin Chinese and simple Cantonese due to previously working in Hong Kong.[2]


Danson Tang was born on September 2, 1984 in Keelung, Taiwan. The youngest of a two child family, he has a sister four years older than him. At age fourteen his father suddenly died due to a work accident which left his mother to care for his sister and him alone. In order to make a living and pay for his sister's overseas education his mother had to leave home in order to find employment which left young Danson living alone at home. Occasionally relatives and neighbors would drop by to check in on him to make sure he was doing well.[3] He has said the experience of being alone has left him hard to open up to others about his feelings.



Tang was discovered while working part-time at a Japanese restaurant during his college years. His career started out as a commercial model and appearing on other artistes music videos. Some of his more popular early work included appearing in two music videos for Hong Kong pop dual Twins during the height of their popularity.


After gaining recognition through his commercial work Tang was contacted by Taiwanese television station GTV for an acting management contract. After reviewing his new career endeavor with his mother he signed with GTV in 2004 to act in dramas that aired on their network. At first appearing only in minor supporting roles he eventually moved up to main cast roles when he was cast as the villain in 2005 popular idol drama KO One starring opposite Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit members. He continued his collaboration with the group and their acting management company "Comic International Productions" in idol dramas such as Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, The X-Family, They Kiss Again and Rolling Love.

Originally cast as the main lead in Mysterious Incredible Terminator, the drama production company later switched his role with Fahrenheit member Aaron Yan , which Tang ended up starring as the second male lead in Rolling Love due to Yan's leg injury. With Rolling Love subpar ratings, feeling overshadowed and under promoted by his acting management company he eventually left GTV's management in 2011 and signed with Comprise Boundless Entertainment.[4]

After leaving GTV he continued with main supporting roles in Mainland produced dramas. In 2012 Tang landed his first leading role in a major production for newly formed Hong Kong television network HKTV, starring in the idol drama Love in Time playing a 200-year-old vampire who falls in love with a human girl. Tang who is not fluent in Cantonese, voice was dubbed over by a voice actor. However, as of current the drama remains un-aired and does not have a set schedule of when it will air due to HKTV unavailability to obtain a free television programme service licence from the Hong Kong government.

In 2013 Tang returned to Taiwan produced dramas by signing an acting contract with local cable station SETTV. His first drama with SETTV was as the second male lead in A Hint of You. The following year he was cast as the male lead in SETTV's weekly drama Fabulous 30. With strong ratings from Fabulous 30, he was once again offered a leading role by SETTV for their 2015 Friday night drama Murphy's Law of Love.


On 9 July 2007, Danson is sign by Avex Taiwan[5] and released his debut solo album Love Me (愛我) on 17 August 2007. This was followed by D's New Attraction (D新引力) in 2009 and The First Second (D1秒) in 2010. He is to release his first new song plus collection compilation album, Towards Tomorrow's Journey (開往明天的旅行) on 26 April 2011, in two versions, Guardian Edition (守護盤) and Journey Edition (啟程盤). It will contain 15 previously released tracks and three new songs, including lead track "Towards Tomorrow's Journey" (開往明天的旅行).[6]

Personal life[edit]

Tang became close friends with Fahrenheit member Jiro Wang after many collaborations and also sharing the same birth sign. The two have said they enjoyed shopping for clothes and accessories together during their days off.

During his collaboration days with Fahrenheit he was often mistaken as a member of the band.

In 2008 Danson became an uncle when his older sister gave birth to a daughter named Maiya. Tang has said he often spoils his niece by buying items for her.[7]


Television series[edit]

Year Network Chinese Title English Title Role Character
2004 GTV 火線任務 Blazing Courage Supporting role Tang Yun Sheng (唐雲生)
2005 GTV / CTV 撞球小子 Nine-Ball Supporting role Ah Cao (阿草)
GTV 終極一班 KO One Main cast Lei Ke Si (Lex) (雷克斯)
2006 PTS 幸福牌電冰箱 Lucky Brand Refrigerator Main cast Bo Bo (波波)
CTS / GTV 花樣少年少女 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Supporting role Liang Si Nan (梁思南) / Minami Nanba
2007 CTS / GTV 熱情仲夏 Summer x Summer Supporting role Tian Guang Zhen (田光楨)
GTV 終極一家 The X-Family Main cast Xia Lan Xing De Yu (夏蘭荇德‧宇) / Gui Feng (鬼鳳)
CTV / GTV 惡作劇2吻 They Kiss Again Supporting role Ouyang Gan (aka Gan Gan) (歐陽幹 (aka 幹幹))
2008 CTV / GTV 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 Rolling Love 2nd Male lead Leng Lie (冷冽)
2009 Youku 愛戀狂潮 Crossing Love Supporting role Li Da Zheng (李達正)
GTV 我用音樂說愛你 I Use Music to Say I Love You Male lead Jiang Ming Hao (江明皓)
2011 CTS 拜金女王 Material Queen Supporting role Li Hai (李海)
2013 SETTV 美味的想念 A Hint of You 2nd Male lead Du Huai An (杜懷安)
Next TV / TTV 幸福的蒲公英 Blissful Dandelion/Happy Dandelion Male lead Song Li Xing (宋力行)
2014 SETTV 女人30情定水舞間 Fabulous 30 Male lead Edward Ai De Hua (艾德华)
2015 SETTV 莫非,這就是愛情 Murphy's Law of Love Male lead Ji Jia-wei (紀家尉)
HKTV 還來得及再愛你 Love in Time Male lead Roy
Liaoning TV 戀上黑天使(真愛追擊) Love Actually (Love You, Love Me) Male lead Ma Liang (馬梁)
2016 Hunan TV 追尋愛的冒險 The Adventure for Love 2nd Male lead Xia Meng Long (夏夢龍)


Year Chinese Title English Title Role
2010 鎧甲勇士之帝皇俠 Armor Hero Emperor Zi Yang (子陽)
2012 午夜微博 Midnight Microblog



# English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Love Me 愛我 17 August 2007 Avex Taiwan
2nd D's New Attraction D新引力 16 January 2009 Avex Taiwan
3rd The First Second D1秒 24 June 2010 Avex Taiwan
4th Towards Tomorrow's Journey 開往明天的旅行 26 April 2011 Avex Taiwan


# English Title Chinese Title Released Label
1st Towards Tomorrow's Journey 開往明天的旅行 26 April 2011 Avex Taiwan

Soundtrack contributions[edit]

Year Album Information Tracks Contributed
2007 The X-Family Original Soundtrack
(終極一家 電視原聲帶)
"最愛還是你" Zuì Ài Hái Shì Nǐ (Still Love You the Most) - ep 1 to 30 ending theme - also released in Love Me
2008 Rolling Love
"告訴我" Gào Su Wǒ (Tell Me) - insert song - released in D's New Attraction

Music videos appearances[edit]

*Self MV's

Year Song Title Details Video
2007 Still Love You the Most (ver. 1)
(最愛還是你 (冬、夏季版))
  • Album: Love Me (愛我)
Video on YouTube
Still Love You the Mos (ver. 2)
  • Album: Love Me (愛我)
Video on YouTube
Love Me
  • Album: Love Me (愛我)
Video on YouTube
After The Breakup
  • Album: Love Me (愛我)
Video on YouTube
  • Album: Love Me (愛我)
Video on YouTube
The Gun
  • Album: Love Me (愛我)
Video on YouTube
2009 Intelligence
  • Album: D's New Attraction (D新引力)
Video on YouTube
New Song
  • Album: D's New Attraction (D新引力)
Video on YouTube
Most Gentle Suspense
  • Album: D's New Attraction (D新引力)
Video on YouTube
Kiss Me Now
  • Album: D's New Attraction (D新引力)
Video on YouTube
Reluctant To Let Go
  • Album: D's New Attraction (D新引力)
Video on YouTube
2010 I'm Back ft. f(x) Amber
  • Album: The First Second (D1秒)
Video on YouTube
Grey Canel
  • Album: The First Second (D1秒)
Video on YouTube
Be With You
  • Album: The First Second (D1秒)
Video on YouTube
Let Go of Yourself
  • Album: The First Second (D1秒)
Video on YouTube
Accompany You
  • Album: The First Second (D1秒)
Video on YouTube
2011 Towards Tomorrow's Journey
  • Album: Towards Tomorrow's Journey (開往明天的旅行)
Video on YouTube

*Other artistes MV's

Year Song Title Details Video
2005 DaDaDa
  • Singer(s): Cyndi Wang (王心凌)
  • Album: Shining 2005 (閃耀2005)
Video on YouTube
Video on YouTube
Starlight Amusement Park
Video on YouTube
2006 I Really Want to Love Him
Video on YouTube
2007 Good Tears Bad Tears
  • Singer(s): Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄)
  • Album: Love Vivian
Video on YouTube
2009 Love Choice
  • Singer(s): Huang Yali (黃雅莉)
  • Album: I Shall Not Fear (雅莉不怕)
Video on YouTube


Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nomination Result Ref
2007 Metro Radio Hit Awards Best Overseas New Artist Danson Tang Won [12]
Best New Artist (popular vote) Danson Tang Won
2008 Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards Songs of the Year "分開以後" (After The Breakup) from Love Me Won [13]
Best Improved Singer (躍進歌手) Danson Tang Won
2009 2009 Modern Shanghai Awards
Trend Setter Award (潮流先鋒獎) Danson Tang Won [14]


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